Personal Growth: 3 Ingredients You Need Most

The real development we often desire in life is vigorous. It's a daily step-by-step growth that requires self discipline. Meaningful things in life seldom come in a silver platter.

And here I elaborate 3 essential ingredients you need to make any growth in life: Choice, Change and Climate.

1. Choice

In life every individual is on a race and we all choose our lanes. Choose to grow - NOW. You need to invest in you to be ready when your time comes.

While making that choice, there are 5 necessary points to put in mind. And this is what really makes this stage hard for many to attain.

i. Make a decision to be teachable

Growth  is basically a series of learning new ideas and methods everyday. Don't be "all-knowing-person"; you won't go far. Be ready to learn from anybody around you.

ii. Focus your learning on your strengths 

We are all gifted differently, and thus do have a different message to deliver. Focus on yours and deliver it in the best way possible.

iii. It's not self fulfillment but self development

 A Self development mentality leads you to doing what you're passionate about and talented in and does focus in benefiting others. Self fulfillment builds a selfish mentality since it looks at satisfying the self by doing what will brings us glory.

iv. Find a way to apply what you learn

What you do after learning counts most; go beyond just knowing.

v. Be ready to sacrifice

To attain growth, like  anything else, you'll pay a certain price. Don't fear, don't avoid it; it's the only sure way.

2. Change

After embracing the above elements of choice and DOING them, the result is change. It's sad that a good number drop out of the race at this stage. Why? it's so demanding.

If you listened to any success story, you'll realize there was a point when a change in direction was inevitable. The characters had an opportunity to quit but they CHOSE to press on.

Time is very critical here. I strongly believe we all have a chance to make that required change. Once in life a door opens that will lead you to multiple doors. The moment you miss to go through that door when it's yet open, is the very moment you miss the opportunities ahead. And that means you'll be stuck or go through a door that was not meant for you...sad.

Enemies of change

Fear of the unknown - change demands you do something today for a promising tomorrow - which you don't know. You've got to decide to continue with the normal life or face that fear and conquer it for a change. 

Making the first step - after making such big plans and sacrifices, don't accept to be stack at the first step. whatever it takes, make it. No matter how small it may be, just make it!

Laziness - to put up with pressing pressure. As I said, growth is vigorous; you must tighten your belt and maintain self discipline in time management and meeting deadlines.

Ignorance - desiring to grow is one thing and growing itself is another. Not knowing what's necessary to grow will definitely cut you from reaching your goals.

But the bottom line is, you must accept change in order to grow.


3. Climate

Now that you're changing, you are growing and you therefore need the right environment. One African proverb says "you can't grow a Mogumo tree in a pot". the sense here is, sooner than you can imagine, your pot will break and your tree dry up. Double tragedy. And that's what will happen if you grow in the wrong climate.
Part of the climate is already present, while you have to create part of it. Again, it's mostly a matter of choice. you don't come this far to drop your fortune here.

Two types of climates to nature: within and without. 

Within climate

It's what's happening in you. A Swahili proverb goes "jishinde ushinde" literally translated "win your self to win". Do you have confidence? have you changed yourself? Are you excited? You've overcame fears? Do you have peace, within?

Do a personal evaluation. No matter how favorable the outside climate might be, if you have fights within, then you'll make minimal growth.


Without Climate

This is the relationship with the available people and systems. Surround yourself with people who'll challenge you and constantly keep you focusing ahead.

A good without-climate for growth should keep you on your toes and out of your comfort zones. You always want to attempt new levels of risk and the fear of failing doesn't stop you. It's where your peers are growing too. None is an island in this matter; you grow along with others. Develop meaningful relationships - with people who've gone ahead of you. They'll expound your vision, insights and skill. If you want to know what direction you're headed, simply look at your closest associations. Friends shape your thinking and influence bigger percentage of decisions you make.


One very important point you must learn to accept is growth doesn't take place overnight. It isn't an event but rather a process accomplished in a given span of time. But maybe the most comforting fact is that all the powers and secret to get to the top is just there within you. This process is not for some kind of special people, anybody can do it. You can - you only need to develop some discipline and work towards becoming that you desire to be.

You are a solution to a given problem - Choose to accept that. You can't deliver without growing - accept to Change.  Any worthwhile solution needs an impact - build your climate!