Young Person, 3 Blindfolds You Must Keenly Watch!

Have you ever looked at a situation and you're like 'I wish I knew this earlier'? Most commonly at that point there is little you can salvage, if any.

First of all, may I state that I'm not really victimizing anybody. I'm basically presenting the cry of my heart - that we may all realize the full potential in us. This is a on-fact-article; kind of an eye opener.

As a matter of fact, I'm watching a number of older people regretting because they didn't do what they were meant to do at a given time. I'm sharing my observation so that you don't become such an example. In whatever state of life you are, no matter your class, sooner than you
think you'll become an example to point at. The question is, will you be one to be emulated or deserted.

Here I discuss 3 blindfolds that you must avoid to be that "do it like Mr so" person.


Blindfold #1. A Bigger Better Opportunity is Coming!

That's hope, and if you're privileged enough, it might be faith; and I must recommend you for that - not all believe there is a better tomorrow.

But the worst mistake you can ever do is doing nothing or little while waiting for that fortune. Look at these examples:

i) David, before he became a king in place of Saul, he was a shepherd and he perfectly carried out his role. The boldness and skills to protect a nation were learnt just in the field while fighting with lions and bears.

ii) God took Moses from the field, where, he too was looking after his father in law's sheep.

iii) All of Jesus' the disciples were doing something when He picked them; they were not sitting somewhere waiting for a greater commission. People like Peter, James and John got a bit of people fishing skills from the very daily business they were doing: Fishing.

Maybe you don't relate well with these examples, here are more from the corporate world:

i) Mark Zuckerberg spent some good time in-house and even developed a messaging program he named "Zacknet" before he co-founded Facebook, the most successful social network website. His family used "Zucknet to communicate in the house, and his dad, Edward Zuckerberg, used it in his dental office to communicate with the receptionist.

ii) It's at the family garage that Steve Jobs, adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs, learned and set the foundation of the engineering skills. By the way, Steve got the first information regarding his biological parents when he was 27, 6 years after co-founding Apple with Steve Wozniak.

iii) Back home, Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi started developing the "business mind" long ago in the village, when he sold charcoal, fruits and other farm produce - to help bring in something for his family. And in case you didn't know, it is the government scholarship that helped him go though the secondary school.

The bottom line is, whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might. Greater heights require more experience and knowledge to conquer. Begin now, develop muscles in preparation for that bigger, better opportunity.


Blindfold #2: Hurreeeey! I'm Still Young!!

A moment, a moment please! Before you know it, you'll be old, older than that old person you have in mind now. I'm really sorry, I know that ain't a beautiful statement, but it's a fact - and facts make sense if they are discovered early enough.

I want to live longer as almost all of us want. We may wish to stay around for 70-80-90-100+ years. But that ain't a guarantee. The general average life expectancy now stands at 70 years. According to the World health Organization listing, Japan tops with a life expectancy of 83. Kenya is at 60. But don't accept to live that short!

Anyway, depending on that calculation, how many more years do you have to be that you anticipate to become? Usually, when one gets at 45 he/she starts to look behind to count the achievements he/she has made. So how many years do you have to start counting? Trust me, I don't like this mathematics too - and I've never loved maths all together.

But it's never too late to change the course. All is not lost. If you have more time, well and good; start now. if you think your window is almost over, better maximize what you have.

My message is, don't sit  marveling at the beauty of being young. Yes enjoy your youth for you won't be young forever, but also remember you have a tomorrow to build. A time is knocking when you won't have strength to do much of your wishes, and neither, most properly, will such  be of any taste to you.

Blindfold #3: I Can't Achieve it

I wish I could paint the feeling in my heart as I wrote that line. It's a deep pain knowing its a fact that there is a big number among us who truly believe they can't achieve it. Or worse still, don't know that they don't believe.

Why do I have a lot of hope, expectations and trust in the youth? Because we have time and strength. I know we might have all forms of drawbacks - my background is poor, I've no good education, the economy and government systems! I was born an orphan, nobody is supporting me, I've a lot of dependents dragging me....That is true and sad, and we didn't choose to be found in such situations, neither were we there when the world systems were built to favor a few and plant corruption. But at the end of the day, we've a life to live.

Don't you think it's fair enough to do something - something worth living? We have both time and chance, those are the only resources that reduces as one grows up. Don't accept to be blind folded by this lie. "What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve", Said one of the greatest America  Author, Napoleon Hill.


Simply convince your mind, draw a path, walk through it. And begin NOW. One thing that has stopped many people from doing great things in life is the fear of taking that first step. Don't accept to be a victim. Try. Begin. You can impact lives and generations with those gifts within you. That's why you're unique. You posses what I don't; use it to override me in your own way, as I do override you in the other side of the coin...lol. By that we complement each other. Do your part, build your portion of the world. You can do it, if you believe.

Back to you: What are other blindfolds you know of we need to watch out against?