They Touched The Heart Of Jesus!

It's like COMPLITKENYA read my heart long time ago as they fulfilled my cry in the recent article "A Birthday Celebration Without the Birthday-boy!"

COMPLITKENYA, an NGO that works towards accelerating access to basic computer knowledge for rural dwellers in Kenya, organized an event on 23rd December that obviously wrought a lasting mark in the lives of orphans and dwellers of Gesima Ward, Nyamira County, Kenya.

I'm a journalist, and this article leaning more to news-like, I may slide a bit into my journalism class. But I promise to work hard in bringing out my intended human-interest message.

A Birthday Celebration Without The Birthday-Boy!

If Jesus could show up on 25th December, many celebrations could surely be put to a halt. A repetition of what most probably made the headline of the newspapers of the time, when He chased sellers out of the temple, MUST occur.

Most of us have made preparations for the day. There's massive movement of people to congregate with their loved ones. A number of animals are innocently taking their last breath. And, we've a set budget, which is likely to go up. This Birthday shall rock!

But wait a minute, why should Jesus disrupt such celebrations into which we've invested every bit? Why should He disappoint us after we've done all in His Name?

The 3 Major Stages Your Business Must Survive

After doing the article illustrating how and why only 4% of new businesses do celebrate their 10th birthday, I promised to show you the 3 major stages of a business whose transitions you must keenly watch. And here is the promise!

These stages will bring you to light why most businesses around you operate the way they do; with no or minimal growth and facing the same challenges year in year out.

Nisizame Yesu, Uniokoe!

In the book The Art of Leadership, Dag Heward-Mills asks a tough question, “What have you survived?” (Chapter 49).

What do you do with crisis? How do you handle people who’ve decided to openly hate you and spread false witness against you.

What do you do with stiff rejection. Jealousy. Extreme pressure. Barrenness. Unfaithful partner. A breaking marriage. Corrupt Government. The Judas Iscariot?

The Doctrine Of Baptism Part II: Requirements For Baptism

As there were conditions to be met for them that sought baptism from John (Refer to Part I of this series), there are also requirements to be met by those seeking Christian baptism.

There are 4 conditions to be met. This article is dedicated to explaining the 4 requirements and, most importantly, why you should be baptized.

To Whom Do Men Look Up To When In A Fix?

By the way, men do cry – though secretly, often. I’ve personally literally cried, aloud. The pain was too much; I closed my door and cried for like 15 minutes.

I can’t forget the only time I witnessed my very dad cry as the casket of our late grandma was being lowered down.

My pastor once cried on the pulpit as he gave a bad testimony of the youth who fall into fornication. He asked, “Is this what I

Shocking: Only 4% Of Businesses Celebrate Their 10th Birthday!!

According to research, says Godfrey Gichuki, Executive Director, Africa Academy for Education & Research Ltd, 40% of the  businesses started fail in the first year. 80% of all business fail after 5 years. 80% of the remaining 20% die in the next five years.

This leaves us with only 4% of the total business making it to their 10th Birthday. Literally speaking, only 4 of the possible 100 businesses started today shall exist 10 years down the line.

21 Things Satan Cannot Do!

We know that our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world's rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. The chief head of our opposers being Satan.

Yes he's watching every step you take, but there are lines he cannot cross. You're more than a conquerors through him who

The Doctrine of Baptism: Part I

Baptism is one of the 6 basic foundational doctrines of Christianity as stated by Paul in Hebrews 6, which every Christian must fully understand and embrace before moving ‘on unto perfection’.

It is unfortunate if the only baptism you’ve ever received is the baptism of John, often referred to as the baptism of water.

You’ll realize, in Hebrews 6:2, the word baptism is in plural. It is ‘the doctrine of baptisms’ [plural], not ‘the doctrine of baptism’ [singular].

Youthful Sexual Pressure: A Ticking Bomb

Yesterday I received a friend request on Skype as I was surfing, which I did accept. My new friend immediately went on to typing “Hi!”

I replied with a ‘hi’ and added, “you know me?”

“Nope,” she said, and suggested we have a chat on a private camera, where I could get to see the ‘whole’ of her and enjoy watching her nude body. She sent me a link to the private web camera.

Want To Suffer? Dare Do It The Right Way!

We’re talking about marriage. Do it the right way and suffer. Do it the wrong way, enjoy. Let’s agree that way, lest I make no sense.

To some extent, I’ve come to agree that David was right on his complaint that those who do it the wrong way just walk away comfortably. It’s strange how people who strive to do it right suffer for the very good they do. If you’re in the market place, allow some bit of corruption and you’ll safe yourself some headache with city council. Planning for some exams? Don’t struggle so much, do some cheating, it’s right. And so so so much in life…just do some wrong.

4 Financial Mistakes Every New Graduate Must Avoid

Over 50,000 students graduate yearly from Kenyan Universities (not mentioning the college graduates!). In his financial book ‘Rich Dad poor Dad’, Robert Kiyosaki elaborates clearly that our schools don’t prepare students on financial literacy. The structured and secure academia programs render ‘false’ comfort (ie not found in real life). Upon stepping into the real world, this youth start facing new real challenges – finances topping, often. The decisions made at this stage can easily determine the graduate’s entire financial status. This article will help you avoid taking the wrong turn which most do.

Are you Outgrowing Yourself? 6 Questions To Help You Know

I love proverbs. They are usually of few words, yet compact of information and wisdom. Anybody who can agree with me?

One of my favorite, African, says ‘you can’t plant a Mugumo tree in a pot’. That means you can’t have it for a flower. It’s that simple.

Growth is inevitable, in this case personal growth, and most people have missed their chance to excel simply because they overstayed in the pot; they either didn’t know it’s time for transplanting to real ground or they knew and just decided to stay in the ‘status quo’. To their surprise, the pot busted asunder and the rest is history.

The 4 Pillars Of MANHOOD

Through creation, God made some things to exist in four-fold. Four points on the compass comprise of the North, South, East, West. We may insert minors like NE and SW, but we can’t get a major fifth point.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter form four seasons in the year. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water are the main elects of the planet.

Likewise, God did wrought in man four rhythms which bring out the true picture of the man He intended to create.  These are King, Warrior, Mentor and Friend.

But Whom Do You Say I Am?

Most certainly, this is one question whose answer shall determine the destiny of every individual.

Let me indicate here that it’s very important to Jesus Christ that His true identity be (clearly) known in your heart. That’s why He can pause and ask, “Whom do you say I am?” Yes, we’ve heard from people’s declarations and we’ve read in books, but for once, let’s narrow down to ‘the first person perspective’.

Are You A Friend To NOW?

If your relationship with NOW is sour and dysfunctional, the effect will be reflected in every other project you undertake. The power of a ‘positive NOW’ is highly underrated (or not known) by most people resulting to the many regrettable and wasted lives. This article will help you separate yourself from the lot.

Like a flower, each day unfolds opening us to new responsibilities, experiences, choices and decisions.

Cut Out The Wolves - Determine Entry Point To Your Heart!

Building stable and mature relationships that will lead to successful marriages forms one of the biggest dilemmas the youth of our generation face. Most Marriage counselors blame poorly founded relationships to be the major cause of high rate of relationship breakage and divorce as opposed to lack of finances. And we all know a foundation has more to do with the beginning than the ending.

There are two main entry points through which a person can

New Birth

Certainly, nothing so fundamental that can happen to anyone on earth can be compared to a new birth.

The first birth, the natural birth by our earthly parents, introduces us to God’s power and wisdom as revealed in the creation. But, more to that, this birth too exposes us to the world of sin. We all transgress. We err. Every minute is occupied by a murder. Immorality. Mistrust. Mistreat. Theft…and the list is long.

Homosexuality From God’s Viewpoint

Homosexuality is sexual attraction between persons of the same sex, and there are two types: gayness (sexual attraction between men) and lesbianism (sexual attraction between women)

Here, we shall see how homosexuality is against nature and that God never created, never creates and shall never create a homosexual person. 

Partners Who Strategize Together

“Your home is simply a means to take you to a greater end – a heavenly end. Working together as coheirs of eternal salvation is the foundation for the home.” Max Lucado.

I came across a short passage yesterday, as I was going through my study bible, The Inspirational Bible by Max Lucado. He was talking about a home. And that passage of 4 short paras went deep to my heart.

I felt that as homes, we’re missing a mark somewhere, and this passage could make a lot of remedy if keenly considered. Here, I’ll share and elaborate the message in each of the paragraph in regard to the true purpose of having a life partner.

To The Young And Determined: 3 Pillars For You

For five minutes, I’ll give you 3 pillars that will see you start building your successful life and, most definitely, if well embraced, change your destiny completely!

1. Produce Something

Men are like God; they create things. Until this is done, life will always feel empty and wasted.

Why The Word Of God Is Important To You

God’s word might not have been written by a finger but those who wrote every verse in the Bible were inspired by God. 

God creates, builds, plants, roots out, destroys and pull down through his word. He is in his word and his word is in him; the word is God.

The Bible clearly states that In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. John 1:1-3

Video: Young Eric Reaps From Greenhouse Farming

Joan Harrington, a great blogger indeed, asks one simple, yet mind tormenting question: Are you building your dream or someone's else's?
Here are two truths we must urgently accept:
i) If we don't have a plan, we'll work for someone's.
ii) If we've not planned for our time, someone will have a plan for it.

Eric Chelelgo is one among the few youth who have understood those two truths. After his long-awaited "cool" job didn't show up, having graduating with a diploma in telecommunication engineering, he headed to the village to build his passion. Right now he's reaping from his greenhouse farming; and it's just but a beginning.

Are You Innocently Building Ruining Alters?

Understanding an altar

An altar is a raised structure where gifts, offerings and sacrifices are made to God (or a god). It's a place of devotions; it's a place where a man meets with his God. Altars are crucially involved in our lives to the extend of determining our successes and failures.

The first altar we read of is that erected by Noah (Gen. 8:20). Altars were erected by Abraham (Gen. 12:7; 13:4; 22:9), by Isaac (Gen. 26:25), by Jacob (33:20; 35:1, 3), and by Moses (Ex. 17:15, "Jehovah-nissi").

The Past IS Past

Everybody has a past, whereby there are good or bad things happened. Whatsoever events, actions and reactions we took in the past only determine where we are today. 

However past life can deter us from reaching our destiny; it can derail our efforts from achieving the purpose of God in our lives. In addition, our  past successes and failure can obstruct the progressive effort of reaching things which are ahead.

Before You Quit That Job!

The gospel in town that has gone viral in a couple of past years, a quest every individual is running after, atrue wish for any adult, is to quit working for somebody's idea and delve into developing theirs. Ask me, I'll quickly say, "I want to be there too."

Nevertheless, getting self employed can be the best decision you can ever make. Evidently, most millionaires are not employees. For a moment now, I've truly contemplated on the same and did a bit of study here and there, which is a wise thing to do. In case we are reading from the same page, here are a number of considerations to make.

Another Smart Source of Income - Forex Trading

My greatest desire is to find and bring into light every useful strategy that young people can use to realize
their dreams. That makes me happy.

One of such strategies is forex trading. If you’d love to add an extra, reliable source of income, then you may need to consider venturing into this smart online “business”.

What is Forex Trading?

Commonly referred to as Forex Exchange, Forex Trading is

Between Your Prayers And God: 5 Major Obstacles

Prayer is a essential component of every believer. As a matter of fact no believer can survive in keeping the walk of faith without prayer. Prayer is a channel or platform for communication between a believer and his maker. It is a process by which we create a relationship and continue to grow in that relationship with God.

However, prayer is not a time opportunity to appear before God whenever we are in trouble or in need. Its a continuous process of interacting with our maker which must be done all

7 Principles Of Kingdom Wealth

It's God's desire to bless and lift us from one level to another. Nevertheless, God has, and does honor His way of doing things. In fast points, here are 7 principles to tap into His wealth:

1. Be Kingdom Minded

God's system is not only designed to meet every need in our life, it is also designed to enable us become conduits of God's blessing to others.

The Top 10 For 2013

young xtian did the first post on April 5th, 2013, and since then it's been great sharing life-changing advice, encouragement and hope, strength and that extra push to propel us to another level. 

I thought it wise to pull together the best 10 of what our esteemed readers loved most, and  in case you missed out something, here is the list of most popular of  2013.

2013 Lessons You Should Embrace in 2014

2014 marks a new and fresh beginning to many of us and, to some, an opportunity to place other stones on the house still in progress.

For me, 2013 was a critical year because it clearly determined what I'll do in my life. I know without a doubt that I'm an online boy. I made two main steps: first, the establishment of my first website, student-zones.com, which I launched on 1st January 2014, then this blog, youngxtian.blogspot.com. Compared to the big picture, these are small steps indeed, yet very important.