Between Your Prayers And God: 5 Major Obstacles

Prayer is a essential component of every believer. As a matter of fact no believer can survive in keeping the walk of faith without prayer. Prayer is a channel or platform for communication between a believer and his maker. It is a process by which we create a relationship and continue to grow in that relationship with God.

However, prayer is not a time opportunity to appear before God whenever we are in trouble or in need. Its a continuous process of interacting with our maker which must be done all

7 Principles Of Kingdom Wealth

It's God's desire to bless and lift us from one level to another. Nevertheless, God has, and does honor His way of doing things. In fast points, here are 7 principles to tap into His wealth:

1. Be Kingdom Minded

God's system is not only designed to meet every need in our life, it is also designed to enable us become conduits of God's blessing to others.

The Top 10 For 2013

young xtian did the first post on April 5th, 2013, and since then it's been great sharing life-changing advice, encouragement and hope, strength and that extra push to propel us to another level. 

I thought it wise to pull together the best 10 of what our esteemed readers loved most, and  in case you missed out something, here is the list of most popular of  2013.

2013 Lessons You Should Embrace in 2014

2014 marks a new and fresh beginning to many of us and, to some, an opportunity to place other stones on the house still in progress.

For me, 2013 was a critical year because it clearly determined what I'll do in my life. I know without a doubt that I'm an online boy. I made two main steps: first, the establishment of my first website, student-zones.com, which I launched on 1st January 2014, then this blog, youngxtian.blogspot.com. Compared to the big picture, these are small steps indeed, yet very important.