2013 Lessons You Should Embrace in 2014

2014 marks a new and fresh beginning to many of us and, to some, an opportunity to place other stones on the house still in progress.

For me, 2013 was a critical year because it clearly determined what I'll do in my life. I know without a doubt that I'm an online boy. I made two main steps: first, the establishment of my first website, student-zones.com, which I launched on 1st January 2014, then this blog, youngxtian.blogspot.com. Compared to the big picture, these are small steps indeed, yet very important.

This article is about 3 principles among the many that helped me make it through and which I think we need to carry into 2014 since there is still a lot to be done. It doesn't matter what line of life you're walking, you won't regret applying these principles.

1. Overcoming fearing your fears

I realized that whatever you want to do, there is always an opposing power. And, again, I learnt that the problem ain't actually the presence of fear (for it'll always be there) but rather the fearing of the fear itself. 

Why are investors so curious of a project before they invest? Because they know there is a probability of losing, and that's not a beautiful story. Why is it so hard to begin that project, quite the job you're not enjoying or shut that business that is not working and begin another you think is much better? Because we fear being hurt.

Two things are sure; we truly want to make a positive change, and, secondly, we wont make a change by continuing doing what we're doing, normally.

I strongly believe that once in life, God does open a door for each and everyone of us; a door that will make a permanent impact in your life. Some might be lucky to have more than one. And we can all point at an event or moment in life which was a turning point - that's the door I'm talking about. Just imagine if you didn't utilize that opportunity, where could you be? and if you missed it, I know how you're feeling, not good.

For them with positive experiences, the truth is, there were huddles to jump and fears to contend with. You always have two provisions; quit or progress. It all depends on you. But if you want to make any impact in your lifetime and maximize your stay on earth, you must overcome fearing your fears. No otherwise.

Yes it's wise to know the degree of risk you're taking, but at the bottom line, there's a risk to face on-head. That'  what I've done. And I'll do it again in 2014. I'll fight my fears. I'm to make major steps which require bigger sacrifices, but I'm determined I to make it, by God's grace.

Get determined too! Overcome that fear and make that first step. Nothing great is easily achieved.

2. Fostering Consistence in you work

I've said somewhere that before I began this blog, I'd done 3 more of which I can't tell where they are. i always began with enthusiasm, then 2 months later, somehow, I got lost. I simply lacked consistence.

Consistence is the determination to execute your plan as you laid it down. When we begin, we have all this energies and passions. But passion is just but a wild horse. Today you have it, tomorrow it escapes into the wilderness. What you do at that point will determine how far you'll go. Will you gather some strength and go for your horse or you'll sit and wait?

When I began youngxtian in April 2013, I learnt that it was hard to produce articles consistently, if I followed my feelings and freedom. So I set a goal of doing two article per week. It was not easy, considering that I had a daily job to attend to and I had to write articles of substance. But come rain come sunshine I had to do two articles weakly. It's until October when I seriously began working on student-zones.com that I changed my game plan to one article weekly, since I wanted to invest more time and resources in the website if I wanted it online by January this year. And it's a done deal. Glory to God!

Simply stated, it doesn't matter how courageously you face your fears; if you won't get the stamina to press on especially in odd times, you'll simply go to square one. So I guess, after killing enemy number 1 (fear) you need to ask yourself one question: Do I really want to walk down this road? Whatever road you want to take in life.

3. Recognizing God - and Friends - in every step

This is very critical. 

You need to realize that even the ideas themselves are availed into our lives by God . As I said earlier, it's God who opens doors for us, all we need to do is choose to walk through them, and choosing is overcoming any obstacle entangling us.

It's God who gives us the energy and resources to execute the projects. Though we have a responsibility in our growth, God provides the conditions necessary for growth; he brings the rains for the plants to grow and controls the climates. If you trust in Him, he'll make your ways prosperous - and with NO SORROWS. this life is short, there's no need of having a growth that will lead to sorrows. Just recognize God in every step you make.

Friends. The truth of the matter is, you need people to help you crimp up the ladder. You need resources, labor, encouragement, love, criticism (both +ve and -ve). One of my best quotes is from chines proverbs that says:

If you are planning for a year, sow rise;
If you are planning for a decade, plant trees;
If you are planning for a lifetime, plant people.

You need people - family and friends. So recognize those you already have and build strong relationships. Be of value to them by helping meet their needs. That way, you'll have a strong team to grow with.

In that connection, may I start by thanking you first, for reading this article and all my friends who've been dedicated in reading my articles. I write these encouragements and insights to be read; if you couldn't read, it will be of no use writing. So to all my G+ friends, FB friends and all that have gone through even one of my articles, took your time to make a comment thanks and god bless you; you encourage me.

I must also recognize two bloggers who've been of great help to me, Daniel Scocco of dailyblogtips.com and Jonathan Milligan of bloggingyourpassion.com; your articles and tips are invaluable. God bless you.

I know this is belated, but this being my first article for this year, may I wish everyone a prosperous 2014. Lets walk, again.

Back to you: Do you have any principles or habits you are carrying into 2014? Feel free to share with us.