7 Principles Of Kingdom Wealth

It's God's desire to bless and lift us from one level to another. Nevertheless, God has, and does honor His way of doing things. In fast points, here are 7 principles to tap into His wealth:

1. Be Kingdom Minded

God's system is not only designed to meet every need in our life, it is also designed to enable us become conduits of God's blessing to others.

In order to operate with such a mind set, we need to renew our mind constantly with the word of God. Renew your mind constantly by reading and meditating on scriptures relating to God's promises on finances and God's purpose for financial blessing.

2. Know the source of your wealth

It is God who is the source of your wealth. When you seek him he will direct you on the paths that will lead you to generate your wealth (2 Chronicles 26:5)

3. Consecrate your life

We serve a holy God, we are therefore expected to live a holy and consecrated life. We need to be determined that we are going to be vessels of honor and not dishonor.

4. Do not put your security First

In the story of the widow, Elijah instructed the widow to feed him first, with the little she had (1 kings 17: 12)
Often when God wants to bless us, He will ask us meet the need of another person before our own.
When we do this we are ultimately putting God first. God will test our faithfulness with the little we have to see if we can handle the abundance which he desires for us (Luke 16:10)

5. Keep the covenant

Act according to God's word, not according to your own principles or theories. Ensure that you keep any vows that you have made to God, keeping such vows will qualify you for greater increase.

6. Move in faith

The widow overcame her fear, responded in faith and God was faithful to His promise (1 Kings 17:15). God's ways are not our ways. Act according to the word of God and not your circumstances.

7. Work hard

Be committed to what God has entrusted you with. Do not be complacent. Use the talents and skills that God has given you to the best of your ability to His glory. Laziness has no place in the Kingdom of God; quit making excuses for your inaction.