The Top 10 For 2013

young xtian did the first post on April 5th, 2013, and since then it's been great sharing life-changing advice, encouragement and hope, strength and that extra push to propel us to another level. 

I thought it wise to pull together the best 10 of what our esteemed readers loved most, and  in case you missed out something, here is the list of most popular of  2013.

#1. Long Distance Dating: Top 6 Tips for Survival

This article will give you 6 proven tips to help you go over the huddles of a long distance relationship till you both say ‘I do’. These tips are equally helpful for any dating relationship.

#2. 6 Things You're Doing That Will Never Help You!
6 things we passionately engage in, spend a lot of our precious time and/or money, but yet gain very little or nothing at all, resulting to a wasted life and opportunities; Time we willingly pour to a drain. Say NO!

#3. How To Increase the Worth Of Your Time Spent  Online

Online is richer and more generous than any parastatal or company you've ever known. Each day countless ideas are passed on and trillions of money exchange hands. It's either you're paying or you're being paid. 

#4. Slideshow: PIC Mission to Mutuini Village

A collection of photos I smartly put into a slideshow showing the PIC mission to Mutuini Village at Lenana, Nairobi. 

#5. How I Paid My Varsity Fees with Online Money!

This is an interview with Abel, a young man who has made his computer and internet the best friend. Learn why, despite the 7 years of hard studies taking an engineering degree in Kenyatta University, he said he will never apply for a job!

My biggest desire, which is in fact my tagline and one of the objectives of youngxtian, is helping foster genuine smiles. And that's what this article is all about.

It's my heart's biggest cry: that your soul may be saved; it's the most valuable thing you'll ever have. Above anything, Satan is after it. This article exposes his common tricks.

What is this with the well? Isaac and RebekahJacob and Rachael, Moses and Zipporah. Know of the first evangelizing woman? It's the one Jesus met at well. This article explain why the well and why you should too find your life partner there.

This is one of the most recent articles and I can't explain how it maneuvered it's way here; you know better because you are the decision maker. In this article, Meshack Kombo explains God's view over the heart, its condition, and remedy.

As of now, over 60% of marriages in Kenya end up in divorce and averagely 50% of the new couples in this digital world separate within the first year. Those are facts. This article answers the question: What will you do so that yours won’t feature in the 60% bracket?

Here is 2014, as I say, "Let’s walk. Let’s do this."