Before You Quit That Job!

The gospel in town that has gone viral in a couple of past years, a quest every individual is running after, atrue wish for any adult, is to quit working for somebody's idea and delve into developing theirs. Ask me, I'll quickly say, "I want to be there too."

Nevertheless, getting self employed can be the best decision you can ever make. Evidently, most millionaires are not employees. For a moment now, I've truly contemplated on the same and did a bit of study here and there, which is a wise thing to do. In case we are reading from the same page, here are a number of considerations to make.

1. Personality question

It's easier to work in an organization. Why? Because there are systems in place that guide and dictate what should be done - how, when, by who. The question you genuinely must answer before quitting is whether you are disciplined enough to work alone; no systems, no boss. It's not wise to think that you'll make it. If you couldn't manage time effectively when being overseen, it'll be a bit harder when you'll be decide when to work and sleep. It takes a self-disciplined person with clear credibility to hack the "self-employed" life.


2. Where are you moving to?

Or, if I may put it in other words, why are you moving? The truth is, there's something you dislike about where you are. Make sure it's not your job!

If you dislike your job, then there's a bigger probability you may end up hating it when doing it alone. And that, trust me, ain't a beautiful story. The company working environment usually forms a bigger percentage of why people would like to move. But whatever the reason, realistically consider if your quitting will positively change your life.


3. Fighting the "failing fear"

Suppose I fail? That simple question is a blockage to a good number of people, and there's a good reason to that. Thus a good servery is required. How much will you be affected if you failed? You ought to get determined to bounce back and try again; view failure as an opportunity to learn how not to do things as opposed to a stumbling block. I'm not a prophet of doom, but probability has never been 1. So, there are chances you may fail. Make up your mind.

4. Passion and self-motivation gauge

This should actually top the reasons as to why you must run away from employment. Are you really passionate about your next 'job'? Napoleon Hill says in his famous book, THINK and GROW RICH, that desire backed up by faith knows no such words like impossible. Since you are beginning a new project whose success entirely depends on you, a higher score on self-motivation, passion and faith in your endeavors is of great importance.

For more on understanding your passion, read Passion: The Wild Horse In You.

5. People are important than Skills

Yes, because you can find skills in people, and not otherwise. So do you have people (especially family and friends) who are ready to stand with you? You can't do everything by yourself. Almost in every step, you'll be dealing with people. That means, your project will proceed even if you don't have the skills, because you can find people with the right skills to execute any work.


Final Word

That said, I truly exhort people to move on and start those personal projects, even though it'll be a part time venture. This is the only way we'll bring down the unemployment percentage. On top of that, the number of consumers greatly outweigh that of producers. Creating a business elevates you to producer level, where you'll be giving solutions to the society. So, go for it!

If you succeed in building your dream empire, then you'll be able to bring yourself freedom and happiness. Yes you'll have to work harder than before to bring your idea into fruition, but you'll be working at your will. You'll be doing what you love. You'll decide how much you want to earn because your salary will be directly proportional to your input. More work, more money. No work, no salary.