To The Young And Determined: 3 Pillars For You

For five minutes, I’ll give you 3 pillars that will see you start building your successful life and, most definitely, if well embraced, change your destiny completely!

1. Produce Something

Men are like God; they create things. Until this is done, life will always feel empty and wasted.

Whenever we hear of producing something, we want to start listing our strongest talents- what we’re perfect in. That’s wrong. I don’t do blogging because I scored A in English in my high school. In fact composition writing was one of my nightmares. I’m not the best cameraman or video editor, but I love video production and I purpose to do the best whenever I’m holding that equipment.

Life, rarely readily presents you what you want. Producing is the only true way to achieve it.

One more painful truth is, you may be lucky to find only 1 or 2 people who would care if you have what you want. So just purpose to produce it.

Producing also expands you, bringing that sense of worth. This is a great component of personal growth. Your skills in a given area will broaden, helping you to reach for great accomplishments.

Read consumer or producer for more insights as to why you need to produce something.

2. Invest Time

The biggest mistake one can ever do is spending time; exchange it with money.

That’s dangerous because we have only 24 hours per day. If each hour is exchanged for a certain amount of cash, it’ll take you eternity to achieve your life happiness. Instead invest it.

By investing your time, you’ll be creating something that will eventually function even in your absence. For instance, I might be offline, but you’re reading this article. And, it’ll be read for more days to come. If you decided to write a book today, you’ll spend a number of unappreciated hours. But when you’re through, your book can sell for eternity.

Now, this does not imply that you just wok without a return. All I’m asking you to do is use your time in doing things with longtime impact. Things that can live by themselves and, in turn, work for you even when you are asleep.

Even if you’re employed somewhere, think hard on investing your time – don’t do just enough, do more to strengthen your skills. You never know when you’ll need them.

3. Focus Within

Life is not fair, because it doesn't give what we ask for. There are phrases very common during youth life: My boss doesn't care. Our government has neglected us. What a bad economy?

It’s human to distance blame far from ourselves. But you can choose to focus within and therein you’ll find the solution. 

Focusing within will help you concentrate with the situations you can reach and change. The world is big and you can’t change it as an individual. Thus, focus in building your own empire by developing what is possible. As you expand from within, the without will slim down.

Go produce something, invest your time and focus in yourself. These three pillars will help you stand out from the crowd; and that’s my prayer for you.