Partners Who Strategize Together

“Your home is simply a means to take you to a greater end – a heavenly end. Working together as coheirs of eternal salvation is the foundation for the home.” Max Lucado.

I came across a short passage yesterday, as I was going through my study bible, The Inspirational Bible by Max Lucado. He was talking about a home. And that passage of 4 short paras went deep to my heart.

I felt that as homes, we’re missing a mark somewhere, and this passage could make a lot of remedy if keenly considered. Here, I’ll share and elaborate the message in each of the paragraph in regard to the true purpose of having a life partner.

Friendship is POWER

“The Power of a strong relationship sustains us and gives us strength – it’s that power in knowing, If I fail, my friend is still there, or, If I fail, I have a wife who still loves me…”

Oh, what a blessed assurance it would be! That no matter what, I’ve somebody to lean on when I’m weak.

More than being lovers, a couple ought to be friends; the best of friends.  Love is built on friendship. If a person is a true friend, then he can even die for you. 

Why do you need to be good friends? 
To easily strangle any force opposing you from reaching your destiny
So God can be welcome into your union
You are yoked together; to be successful and fulfill God’s plan in your home, you must learn to work together.


“In repairing a relationship, it’s essential to realize that no friendship is perfect, no marriage is perfect, no person is perfect.”

Imperfectness spells that somehow, sometime, things might not work as expected; somebody will err. In such moments, it’s the resolve you make to protect the relationship you’re in that shall salvage the boat. 

Only true tolerance and understanding of your friend’s weaknesses that can turn your relational scars into admirable stars. God gives you a man from which you’ll make a husband. As a man, you’re given a woman to produce a wife. She’s never lived as a wife before, thus the kind of wife she will be depends on your molding skills.

Harmony is the GOAL to aim

“God’s goal for your family is harmony. That means, a family of individuals singing different notes, but with the same score of music, with the same goal”

Harmonious singing basically says of two major things:
a) As members of a family, you are different – as every singer has his/her own making, and every instrument is made of different material, so you are. Expect differences but focus on ‘same score of music.’
b) Thorough practice is needed, if you need better music – It takes hard work to form an outstanding choir; don’t expect anything less on building a family that can be emulated. You’ll need to purpose to make your relationship work.

Your Greater end,  Your EVERYTHING

“Your home is simply a means to take you to a greater end – a heavenly end. Working together as coheirs of eternal salvation is the foundation for the home.”

The greatest favor you can do your self is getting your soul to heaven; for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

As partners you should help each other achieve spiritual goals. Don’t allow your mate to go burning in hell for eternity while you’re watching. Pray hard. Encourage them. Find spiritual resources. Feed them the word. Let it be your greatest achievement: I supported my love towards a heavenly course. 

Take it as an assignment from God, for he brought this person your way to bring out the best in him/her. Purpose with all you have to fulfill God’s mandate.


Max finishes his great writing with a humble prayer: Let our homes be testimonies of your love for us…

Presently, families are facing a tough challenge. Divorce rate is on a steep rise. Youth fear committing themselves into lasting relationships. Those who dare go must be extremely cautious. I know and I can attest.

Can struggling couple find an answer in your relationship? Can young people point at your marriage as an example to emulate?  As a people who fear God and who know the truth, our families should reflect God’s love for the world. 

It ain’t automatic, we must make a reservation. A reservation to make the marriage work. Let’s go to the drawing board: FRIENDSHIP. It’s mare selfishness that kills great marriages. If we look at each other as imperfect people who need support to get to heaven, then we’ll work tirelessly to make it happen. 

It starts with you, make a reservation today; to be the best friend to the one you love.