Video: Young Eric Reaps From Greenhouse Farming

Joan Harrington, a great blogger indeed, asks one simple, yet mind tormenting question: Are you building your dream or someone's else's?
Here are two truths we must urgently accept:
i) If we don't have a plan, we'll work for someone's.
ii) If we've not planned for our time, someone will have a plan for it.

Eric Chelelgo is one among the few youth who have understood those two truths. After his long-awaited "cool" job didn't show up, having graduating with a diploma in telecommunication engineering, he headed to the village to build his passion. Right now he's reaping from his greenhouse farming; and it's just but a beginning.

I interviewed Eric and here is his story. With a humble start, he is headed to attaining financial freedom. As you watch the video, please learn these point:
a) It takes A GOOD IDEA to take a move, NOT MONEY.
b) PASSION well mixed with DETERMINATION avails results.

Apology: Though the audio is clear, there is a bit of background noise; there was some wind during recording.

Here is the video and I hope you'll be inspired by his story and, too, make a step.

Do visit Eric's website for more information: rikoagrobiz.kbo.co.ke