Cut Out The Wolves - Determine Entry Point To Your Heart!

Building stable and mature relationships that will lead to successful marriages forms one of the biggest dilemmas the youth of our generation face. Most Marriage counselors blame poorly founded relationships to be the major cause of high rate of relationship breakage and divorce as opposed to lack of finances. And we all know a foundation has more to do with the beginning than the ending.

There are two main entry points through which a person can
get into
your life: Your head or your chest. The probability that your relationship will grow to fruition and stand the heated test of time highly depends on which of the two served as the main entry point when a person got into your heart.

Your Head: The Main Gate

For security reasons, every homestead, or estate has entry points. Depending on the class of the occupants, you'll also encounter barriers and check points before you get to somebody's doorsteps. The same is true with a relationship.
It's very important to let a person get through your head, and stay there for a while before you make a move. Your head has a security mechanism where persons are screened to ensure they ain't carrying a grenade.

It all depends on how much value you attach to your life and future; if you aspire to build a marriage to be emulated and if you truly want to live your dream life. If so, you'll need to create barriers and stop points for meticulous screening.

Just imagine the difference in protocol that you'll have to go through if you were to see your friend and your MP. Figure out how this will change if it comes to seeing the President.

The superior the person, the tighter the security. Your heart is expensive. It can't be equated to any amount of gold. Don't be intimidated; let somebody linger a bit in your head.


Your Chest: The Main Door

The distance between your head and chest, and what happens during that travel (or walk...lol) is of immeasurable importance. The chest plays a big role coz it hosts your heart.

Your heart is, I guess, the easiest part to penetrate if a person has conquered your brains. Since the times of Adam, easy things have exhibited a tendency to pose a lie. It thus calls for one to be cautious of every step here.

Remember you're making a lifetime decision; you're choosing a person who will greatly affect how you'll live, a direct contributor to your projects, a person who'll touch your spiritual life - in fact, to some extent effect your spiritual destiny; whether you'll end up in heaven or hell! That is how serious it is! So every inch counts a lot.


The BIGGEST Error You Can EVER Make

Suppose people were allowed to see the president, then proceed to check points and screening? If guys could get into your house without passing through gates and barriers? No need to narrate here the disaster that would befall us.

Unfortunately, this is what we always do with our relationships; We let people into our hearts, then we start the screening sessions. That’s both disastrous and a great challenge to your heart’s security details.

Your heart is the main destination. This destination is fragile and delicate. It can't hold rough barriers and iron gates. It's controlled by emotions. Once a person gets in, he/she makes a permanent mark. And only two things can happen to the heart- it can either breed love or bleed blood.


Marriage is here with us, Forever

Since after making your decision you'll be expected to live with it, there's really no reason to hurry. Though not for eternity, marriage will be existing as long as you live.

Taking a reasonable amount of time to exhaust your God-given brilliant brains in monitoring and dissecting  the persona and character of a person who'll abide in your precious heart can be the only thing you need to make a great marriage.

 Marriage is a responsibility thus a measure of mature thinking than great feelings. Feelings do fade. True love will only be sustained by two stable minds that understand they have a single life to live so they must utilize every second by staying positive and pursue a common course: A happy marriage.

 Make your head your main Gate, create some barriers and check points and your marriage will stand. Make your heart the Main Gate, and thugs will literally blow out not just your heart, but your entire life.

Most Important

It is very very very important to involve God since He can see what your brains won't. As I said on surviving in a long distance relationship, everyone wants to make a storybook out of there marriage. So we're all looking for "good partners" to marry. Wolves will come in sheep skins. It will take divine guidance to separate the true sheep from wolves. Involve God! Good luck in your search!