Are You A Friend To NOW?

If your relationship with NOW is sour and dysfunctional, the effect will be reflected in every other project you undertake. The power of a ‘positive NOW’ is highly underrated (or not known) by most people resulting to the many regrettable and wasted lives. This article will help you separate yourself from the lot.

Like a flower, each day unfolds opening us to new responsibilities, experiences, choices and decisions.

Some of these might be anticipated while some can be total surprises.

But one fact is, each minute you’re getting in touch with the real world - making real decisions. And it’s these decisions that determine what kind of life you will live. Therefore, the present moment cannot be separated from life. Life is NOW. 

How Dysfunctional NOW Holds You Back

Mostly, your thoughts, and therefore your actions are attached to either our past or the future. You regret, anger or, occasionally, feel satisfied of the past. You get fearful, anxious or hopeful of the future.

All the time, you’re figuring out how you lived or how you will live THERE. In essence, you are not present in your life because you are trying to live somewhere else.

If this becomes your daily way of life, you’ll always feel anger, regret, insufficiency, fear and anxiety.
Then you’ll view the present as a problem that MUST be solved before you feel “successful” or get happy. Unfortunately, life is a problem solving journey. After you’re done with one, surely another must pope up – no otherwise.

You’ll always be unhappy if you view NOW as a stumbling block. This is not a winning attitude; winners don’t look down-bitten and miserable, even though they may be sailing in the wildest storms.


Get Your House In Order!

Is your dialogue full of “should” and “shouldn’t”? Do you often “wish”? It’s time to change!
Making a decision to live in the present will completely turn your reality upside down.  But, even after understanding the importance of such critical life component, it’s still hard for most people to change their way of living because of two major reasons:

 1. First step. It’s entirely up to you to make the first step towards a mature relationship with NOW. The first step is a major reason why most people are where they are; if you don’t make it, it simply means you’ll achieve nothing.

2. Consistency. You will be required to make this decision (living in present) again and again until it becomes your character. This calls for self discipline.
Read that first step for more insights on making the first step.


But You Can Do it

Life is NOW. Now is LIFE. If you truly want to make an impact in life, you must learn to concentrate your strength in the present. One of my favorite songs is “one day at a time”. This is what it says:
            Just give me the strength, To do every day, what I should do
            Yesterday is gone sweet Jesus, And tomorrow may not be mine
            Lord help me today, show me the way, One day at a time.

Living THERE is being unfair to NOW because you’re utilizing today’s strength and resources in accomplishing a wrong venture. Sort of using the right tool for a wrong job.

Constantly, you should ask yourself, “what is my relationship with now?”If the relationship is dysfunctional, then go further and pose another question, “What am I doing to build it?”

Make sure you get clear answers to these questions. Be kind to yourself; don’t let NOW be your stranger or enemy. At all cost, make sure you are present in your own life. It’s the greatest achievement you can ever make.