The 4 Pillars Of MANHOOD

Through creation, God made some things to exist in four-fold. Four points on the compass comprise of the North, South, East, West. We may insert minors like NE and SW, but we can’t get a major fifth point.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter form four seasons in the year. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water are the main elects of the planet.

Likewise, God did wrought in man four rhythms which bring out the true picture of the man He intended to create.  These are King, Warrior, Mentor and Friend.

But Whom Do You Say I Am?

Most certainly, this is one question whose answer shall determine the destiny of every individual.

Let me indicate here that it’s very important to Jesus Christ that His true identity be (clearly) known in your heart. That’s why He can pause and ask, “Whom do you say I am?” Yes, we’ve heard from people’s declarations and we’ve read in books, but for once, let’s narrow down to ‘the first person perspective’.