Are you Outgrowing Yourself? 6 Questions To Help You Know

I love proverbs. They are usually of few words, yet compact of information and wisdom. Anybody who can agree with me?

One of my favorite, African, says ‘you can’t plant a Mugumo tree in a pot’. That means you can’t have it for a flower. It’s that simple.

Growth is inevitable, in this case personal growth, and most people have missed their chance to excel simply because they overstayed in the pot; they either didn’t know it’s time for transplanting to real ground or they knew and just decided to stay in the ‘status quo’. To their surprise, the pot busted asunder and the rest is history.

You don’t need to do the same. Again, life is fair enough to offer several chances, in case you missed one or two. But I’ve found that it’s truly hard to detach ourselves from our present status. Either way, you need to grow, thus you must move. There can’t be progress without movement. That’s why you must be conscious of these 6 questions, always.

A Positive answer to the quiz indicates you should take off. Let’s begin the interview!


Question 1: Is What You used to enjoy now bitter?

A time comes when you detest that you once loved and cherished. It might be your job, the money you’re earning, the house you’re living in or your car. The happy graph will always go down no matter how much you like your new venture. That’s a clear sign that something is in the offing. Find out if there is something to spice up your life or start making arrangements to dive into the bigger sea.


Questions 2: Are your colleagues quitting your camp?

If everybody is quitting, what makes you think that pot is good for you? Check out what others know that you don’t. Yea, at times people moving out creates more room for you, but there is an acceptable degree of exodus. If most people are moving out, or want to move, then think twice.


Question 3. Is all you’re touching going wrong?

Due to a dropped morale, you may find yourself delivering poor services or products. Your relationships grow sour. Whatever you lay your hand on simply develops into a mess. If that is the case, something must change before your whole life runs into a mess too.


Question 4. Are you feeling discomfort?

We may lie to the whole world, but not to the inner person. No, he knows us better. That’s why you must listen to him when he yells out. Whenever you wake up to subject yourself to whatever you do daily, your inner man ought to be at peace. But if you’re continually troubled and negatively stirred in your spirit, be cautious!


Question 5. Is your night Darker than normal?

We all experience nights; that stage in life when everything seems to go against you. That’s normal. Nevertheless, a night with strange darkness may approach you. These are moment when all you do fail or show minimal progress and fruits. You work both hard and smart but it appears like fate ain’t on your side. If that’s the case, you need to evaluate your pot.


Question 6. Is your heart broken?

Maybe we could have started with this question. Your heart tells it all. Are you in a business and you’re feeling it’s burdening your heart? Is a relationship eating into you so much? Does every day at work seem to make you develop ulcers? You need to transplant yourself.

I know some guys may know it’s time to take off but chose to play it ‘safe’, ‘cool’, or ‘understanding’ just to please somebody. Others may fear to move out of the pot (where they are watered every morning) and move to the real ground (to face the rough wind and, at sometimes, hailstones). If you are in that state, just get a mirror, look into it and read this lines from the poem “The guy in the glass”.

… you’ve passed your most dangerous
and difficult test
If the guy in the grass is your friend

You may fool the whole world-
down the pathway of years
And get pats on the back as you pass;
But the final reward will be heartaches and tears
~ Anonymous ~

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