The 4 Pillars Of MANHOOD

Through creation, God made some things to exist in four-fold. Four points on the compass comprise of the North, South, East, West. We may insert minors like NE and SW, but we can’t get a major fifth point.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter form four seasons in the year. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water are the main elects of the planet.

Likewise, God did wrought in man four rhythms which bring out the true picture of the man He intended to create.  These are King, Warrior, Mentor and Friend.

This article is meant to help, first, you as a man have a grip of what is expected of you by God and, secondly, for a lady, to know at which angle to support and pray for your husband. The singles aint left out; you’ll learn what to ask God for. LOL.

Now, why King, Warrior, Mentor and Friend?


1. King

From the Bible, our God is King of Kings, His Son, the second Adam, is destined to rule with all 'power and authority'. Adam a prototype man is instructed in Genesis to 'have dominion'.

We’re created in God’s image. Thus He requires us to reflect the Kingly traits in Him. It’s God’s desire that all men be kings.

There are 4 personalities depicted by Kings that a Biblical man should posses: 
  • Have a 'provisionary' heart. That word is not in your dictionary, but is a combination of pro (which is expert or specialist) and visionary (farsighted, thinker or futurist). Thus a Man is expected to look forward and foresee the future on behalf of the family and church (spiritual body). The ‘provisionary’ aspect of man helps him accomplish the next quality.
  • Provide leadership and order. Any successful leader knows that he must be on top of the game, and always ahead of others in every respect. By that, man is equipped to watch over things and stay in authority.
  • Practices mercy and justice. Oh yes, ask God to create in you a soft heart and help you rule in justice.
  • The King is a man 'under orders' from higher authority. None is simply ‘above’ but God. A Biblical man will first submit to Jesus Christ, then to people whom God has placed above him.

2. Warrior

From the Bible, the gentle Jesus, meek and mild, closes the BOOK on a white war horse, in a blood spattered robe, with a sword in His mouth and rod of Iron in His hand. That doesn’t create a picture of weary, beaten Man; it’s a strong Man.

In the Epistles, the mature believing man is described as a warrior, equipped to battle mighty enemies and shatter satanic strongholds.

THE HEART OF A WARRIOR is a protective heart. He shields, defends, stands between, and guards. His family feels and stays secure. He fights for good courses.
Secondly, a warrior possesses high moral standards, and holds high principles. He is willing to live by them, stand by them, spend himself in them, and if necessary die for them.


3. Mentor

From the Bible, man is modeled through the concept of discipleship, 'teaching them to observe all  things'. The perfect man was the disciple of all nations. And men who follow Him are to 'teach others also'.

THE HEART OF A MENTOR is a teaching heart. The Mentor knows and he wants others to know. He models, explains, and trains. He disciples his wife, children, and then others.


4. Friend

Biblically, a friend is like one who loves God. God himself IS Love. The Bible insists that we Love God and one another. It is the 'new commandment' given in Scripture, Love one another.

THE HEART OF A THE FRIEND is a loving heart. It is a Care-giving heart. Passionate, yes, but more, Compassionate (the 'I will be with you' assurance). A true friend is a commitment-maker, a promise-keeper. That should be the true behavior of a man after God’s image.


All these four pillars bear the weight of authentic masculinity.
It's every man's purpose!
It's every woman dream!
It's every child's hope!

Man, purpose to be one. Fight hard to live to your calling – be that King, warrior, mentor and friend that you were destined to be! Ladies, help us; support and pray for us, we ask.

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