The Doctrine of Baptism: Part I

Baptism is one of the 6 basic foundational doctrines of Christianity as stated by Paul in Hebrews 6, which every Christian must fully understand and embrace before moving ‘on unto perfection’.

It is unfortunate if the only baptism you’ve ever received is the baptism of John, often referred to as the baptism of water.

You’ll realize, in Hebrews 6:2, the word baptism is in plural. It is ‘the doctrine of baptisms’ [plural], not ‘the doctrine of baptism’ [singular].

Youthful Sexual Pressure: A Ticking Bomb

Yesterday I received a friend request on Skype as I was surfing, which I did accept. My new friend immediately went on to typing “Hi!”

I replied with a ‘hi’ and added, “you know me?”

“Nope,” she said, and suggested we have a chat on a private camera, where I could get to see the ‘whole’ of her and enjoy watching her nude body. She sent me a link to the private web camera.