Youthful Sexual Pressure: A Ticking Bomb

Yesterday I received a friend request on Skype as I was surfing, which I did accept. My new friend immediately went on to typing “Hi!”

I replied with a ‘hi’ and added, “you know me?”

“Nope,” she said, and suggested we have a chat on a private camera, where I could get to see the ‘whole’ of her and enjoy watching her nude body. She sent me a link to the private web camera.

I drafted a good evangelical message with a John 3:16 in between. And sent it with a short prayer that ended with something like “…Kapusha! In Jesus Name, Amen!”

Her next message kept me looking at my screen for like 10 seconds, wondering so what next? She said, “I wish I could put your head between my boobs!” Don’t read that statement more than once!

I was alone in the house and I must confess to you the pressure to click on that link was piling up. If I told you what I did here, you might blush me off. So let’s first examine this ticking bomb and why I think it’s a big danger to your future sexuality. That way, you’ll appreciate the decision I took. Lastly we shall explore how to overcome the heat.


Porn and Masturbation

The duo seems to be the short term remedy for young people burning to cool down their sexual desires. Watching nude images brings the gratification you’re longing for. Masturbation shall surely bring down the sexual pressure levels. More to that, you can do it anytime; you can watch over your phone and most sites are access-free.

But the danger this personal gratification poses is replacing the natural desire for a real human being. Sex was not meant to be done with images. Now you can read that thrice.

Most of us think that upon marrying, we can be set free from these practices and enjoy our marriage with our partners. That’s the greatest deceit engulfed in the practice of porn and masturbation.

Samuel Johnson, a man who made amazing contributions to English literature once said, “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”

Your wife ain’t likely to satisfy you because you’ll always want to compare her with the figures, shapes and beauty you’ve seen in porn stars. And that’s the greatest fear of any woman alive: being compared to someone else. More to that, she’s aging as days go by, while your favorite porn web keeps updating newer younger stars.

Your man may need to really work hard to match the vibrator you’re using. What that literally means, no single day shall he satisfy your sexual needs, since he’s a mare human being and your vibrator, a machine.

In a nutshell, slowly you’re converting your natural sexuality to a totally different monster that shall start eating you later in life. 


Secular Entertainment

The world has known the easiest way to get into our wallets and purses. Entice us with a bit of sex-related material.

Watch 99% of secular music, look at TV adverts, billboards, prints on T-shirts, movies and films…everything! You can’t miss a gesture of sexual arousement. Now get out of your house and meet your fellow human beings! A total mess. You’ll basically see half naked people – and that can form lasting images in your head. And our talk?! We've to insert a sex-related statement in every topic.

Entertainment goes beyond its definition. Step by step you entangle yourself in a cage that will be hard to let you go. It also leads you to unnecessary fantasies. Always thinking of this perfect date out with a lady you even know you can’t date, or keeping thinking how beautiful it shall be lastly ending up in bed  after getting married. Ok, it may seem harmless to let your mind free, but most assuredly, it will generate a wild fire you won’t put off, even if you wanted.

With such information at hand, I couldn’t allow myself to re-read my Skype friend’s message thrice. Yea, I read it twice, and just as I was about to read the third time, I thought  it’s wise I save my soul first before I save hers. It’s Joseph’s story in Genesis that came to my mind and helped me ran for my life. In short, I blocked her and decided to continue praying for her conversion from a far. Jesus once said, “…be ye…wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:16.


So, what shall we do?

I boarded a matatu a couple of months ago and a young lady sat next to me. She took her phone out to call and ‘unfortunately’ its died. So she borrowed mine and on talking to the person on the other end, it seemed she was meant to go back. So she thanked me, graciously paid my fare and dropped out.

The following day, I got a notification on Facebook from the very lady to like a page, and guess what? It was a 'get-sex-girls' page. What shall we then do, knowing that you don’t need to go looking for trouble; it’ll be dropped at your very doorstep?

The answer is both simple and hard: Face the facts – yielding yourself to your burning sexual pressure ain’t a short term remedy with short-lived effects. With a single match stick, you’re lighting up unquenchable fires that shall blow up the very heart of your marriage. Just choose between taking a divorce and cooling your body for a while.

There’s even a higher reason to distance yourself; attaining the blessed hope by allowing Jesus save your soul from eternal destruction.

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Let’s not pretend, some chains can be really hard to break. At times you may realize you need to stop and move on to re-building your life, but you’ll often get stuck and pulled back by the feelings to gratify your body. In such a case, you first need to understand that just realizing you’re on the wrong path is the first step, congratulate yourself.

Secondly, find someone who can help you out by walking with you and watching over you. I recommend a morally upright friend. If you can’t get one, please contact me via my 'contact me' page and I’ll do my best to help out.

Fellow youth, we don’t need to wait to see our marriages blown out by the a bomb we can control now.  Let’s contend for our lives and families. I welcome your thoughts and wisdom on this subject in the comment box bellow. Also remember to hit the share button here bellow to reach more friends. Blessings!