The 3 Major Stages Your Business Must Survive

After doing the article illustrating how and why only 4% of new businesses do celebrate their 10th birthday, I promised to show you the 3 major stages of a business whose transitions you must keenly watch. And here is the promise!

These stages will bring you to light why most businesses around you operate the way they do; with no or minimal growth and facing the same challenges year in year out.

Nisizame Yesu, Uniokoe!

In the book The Art of Leadership, Dag Heward-Mills asks a tough question, “What have you survived?” (Chapter 49).

What do you do with crisis? How do you handle people who’ve decided to openly hate you and spread false witness against you.

What do you do with stiff rejection. Jealousy. Extreme pressure. Barrenness. Unfaithful partner. A breaking marriage. Corrupt Government. The Judas Iscariot?

The Doctrine Of Baptism Part II: Requirements For Baptism

As there were conditions to be met for them that sought baptism from John (Refer to Part I of this series), there are also requirements to be met by those seeking Christian baptism.

There are 4 conditions to be met. This article is dedicated to explaining the 4 requirements and, most importantly, why you should be baptized.

To Whom Do Men Look Up To When In A Fix?

By the way, men do cry – though secretly, often. I’ve personally literally cried, aloud. The pain was too much; I closed my door and cried for like 15 minutes.

I can’t forget the only time I witnessed my very dad cry as the casket of our late grandma was being lowered down.

My pastor once cried on the pulpit as he gave a bad testimony of the youth who fall into fornication. He asked, “Is this what I

Shocking: Only 4% Of Businesses Celebrate Their 10th Birthday!!

According to research, says Godfrey Gichuki, Executive Director, Africa Academy for Education & Research Ltd, 40% of the  businesses started fail in the first year. 80% of all business fail after 5 years. 80% of the remaining 20% die in the next five years.

This leaves us with only 4% of the total business making it to their 10th Birthday. Literally speaking, only 4 of the possible 100 businesses started today shall exist 10 years down the line.

21 Things Satan Cannot Do!

We know that our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world's rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. The chief head of our opposers being Satan.

Yes he's watching every step you take, but there are lines he cannot cross. You're more than a conquerors through him who