Nisizame Yesu, Uniokoe!

In the book The Art of Leadership, Dag Heward-Mills asks a tough question, “What have you survived?” (Chapter 49).

What do you do with crisis? How do you handle people who’ve decided to openly hate you and spread false witness against you.

What do you do with stiff rejection. Jealousy. Extreme pressure. Barrenness. Unfaithful partner. A breaking marriage. Corrupt Government. The Judas Iscariot?

We all face situations in life with no solution nor an option but simply survive.

Those are the moments you cry, “Nisizame Yesu, uniokoe!”

For my friends ain’t conversant with Swahili, ‘Nisizame Yesu, uniokoe’ means “Jesus, may I not sick; safe me!’ It’s the same cry Peter made to Jesus as he was about to sink – and he had no options at that point, he could only sink. Of course, Kenyans can guess this article is an inspiration from our great singer Tumaini.

There are 3 parts of life you must cry aloud ‘NISIZAME!’


1. My Destiny, Nisizame Yesu!

Devil wants you in hell like yesterday! Oh yes!

He wants you poor, illiterate and unwise so he can manipulate you easily. That way it’ll be hard to achieve your real identity that shall spell both your earthly and eternal destiny.

Satan wanted to sift Peter like wheat, literally. But thank God, Jesus had prayed for him (Luke22: 31). Simon Peter survived.

You were not created just to live and die. Every individual created of God has a mandate to accomplish. But devil, as he thwarted God’s original plan for mankind in the Garden of Eden, has continued to break and disconnect people from their assigned assignment. That’s why the saying ‘the richest place on earth is the grave’ is so true. 

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Our society is full of people who grew up well. Did study. We all thought they could become a solution to the world, or at least to their small place of upbringing. All over sudden, they turned mad. How can we explain that?

You must become the solution you were meant to be! You must go to the father end! You must keep the Faith! You can’t end up in hell! Don’t allow to be shaved like Samson. Delilah is right at the door to curtail your destiny. Cry to Jesus, Nisizame!


2. My Marriage, Nisizame!

This is where I’ve personally surrendered completely.

Marriages are being attacked severely. Divorce rates are rising. Commitment is the last thing people want to abide to. How will your marriage survive? 

By the way, because of the content I post on this blog, I do take time to learn from various couples. The truth is, marriage calls for big sacrifices. I’ve listened to a couple who have waiting for a baby. It’s tough. Ladies, whose ‘good men’ turned to drinking, drugs, and crime.  They don’t know what to do. The cry of single mums who were left to raise up kids alone without a source. Just check ‘dead beat.

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I can’t forget a story one old mzee told me when I was doing a documentary at Nyumba ya Wazee how his wife ganged up with his children one day and seized all the possession leaving him helpless. 
That’s a crisis – and they are many!

But amidst these ugly, unfortunate situations, some couples are really having heaven on earth. Yea, people can prove that marriage is good. Oh, I pray for that grace!

Not yet married? You have a chance to cry for guidance and grace to make it in marriage.
Your marriage ain’t working and kinda headed for dead log? There’s hope! Cry to Him, Nisizame Yesu! Only ask Him!  Luke 11:9.


3. My Career, Nisizame!

The number of students clearing their courses yearly greatly outnumbers the jobs created. If you’re engaged somewhere, you may not understand how bad the situation is.

Employers, taking advantage of the conditions on ground, manipulate their workers – anyway, there are a lot of desperate young people to choose from. You’ll be on probation with a job promise, and continue working until you realize, “oh, there ain’t no job here!” Then you begin again.

The governments are trying but they are overwhelmed, no wonder the big number of youths are turning to crime and drugs.
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Actually, very few people have a satisfying job. Most are surviving, leaving from cheque pay to cheque pay. There is usually a lot of month remaining ahead of the money.

So how shall you survive in this bad economy? More to working hard and smart, you need divine intervention to make it. Cry, “Nisizame Yesu!”



Each day, we make decisions. Decisions have consequences. None of us has a clue what the future holds. We move by faith; that things will be better.

Youth life is a more dangerous ground as most transitional decisions are made at this point. Where will you live? Whom to marry? What to study? Where to work? What church to attend? How to spend your life?...and many questions to answer. 

You should purpose to take the right path; it’ll be too expensive to realize ten years later you took the wrong path while you were at the junction. My prayer to you today, Usizame!