They Touched The Heart Of Jesus!

It's like COMPLITKENYA read my heart long time ago as they fulfilled my cry in the recent article "A Birthday Celebration Without the Birthday-boy!"

COMPLITKENYA, an NGO that works towards accelerating access to basic computer knowledge for rural dwellers in Kenya, organized an event on 23rd December that obviously wrought a lasting mark in the lives of orphans and dwellers of Gesima Ward, Nyamira County, Kenya.

I'm a journalist, and this article leaning more to news-like, I may slide a bit into my journalism class. But I promise to work hard in bringing out my intended human-interest message.

A Birthday Celebration Without The Birthday-Boy!

If Jesus could show up on 25th December, many celebrations could surely be put to a halt. A repetition of what most probably made the headline of the newspapers of the time, when He chased sellers out of the temple, MUST occur.

Most of us have made preparations for the day. There's massive movement of people to congregate with their loved ones. A number of animals are innocently taking their last breath. And, we've a set budget, which is likely to go up. This Birthday shall rock!

But wait a minute, why should Jesus disrupt such celebrations into which we've invested every bit? Why should He disappoint us after we've done all in His Name?