A Birthday Celebration Without The Birthday-Boy!

If Jesus could show up on 25th December, many celebrations could surely be put to a halt. A repetition of what most probably made the headline of the newspapers of the time, when He chased sellers out of the temple, MUST occur.

Most of us have made preparations for the day. There's massive movement of people to congregate with their loved ones. A number of animals are innocently taking their last breath. And, we've a set budget, which is likely to go up. This Birthday shall rock!

But wait a minute, why should Jesus disrupt such celebrations into which we've invested every bit? Why should He disappoint us after we've done all in His Name?

No invitation for the Birthday Boy

It's your birthday. You are passing through a neighborhood and you hear people mentioning your name in the birthday song. Following up, you find out they're actually celebrating you in absentia! Won't you be puzzled?

I believe that's Jesus' experience as He looks down from heaven every 25th of December. Nowhere in the scene does He appear. He keeps wondering, "Are these people really celebrating my birthday? Why didn't they invite me?"


In fact we don't know the Guest of honor!

Won't it pain you if 80% of them attending your party only know 'about you', with few close friends and relatives? On 25th, a big number of celebrants simply join to celebrate a person they know about. They don't know Him. They only know about Him. Yea, they only know about Him.


Oh No! I'm a vegetarian!

These guys, coz they don't know you and they didn't consult you of your taste, they included meat in every meal - and you're a vegetarian! Then you get shocked to realize your most hated color makes the theme of the day!  In short, the food, the deco, the setting, and everything ain't of your taste. And your day is spoiled!

For a moment, just figure out how you plan to spend the CHRISTmas and where you'll celebrate. Then seek to know if Christ, the Birthday-boy, will be happy.


What's the best thing to do?

Do to others what you want done to you. It's not our birthday; its someone's. If it was your day, I could be happy to sacrifice and make your day a success. That means I focus on what you love. Just for this day, I'll act and behave in a manner that will add to your happiness - if I want to attend your event.

I'll be careful to bring you the gift you'll love. I'll want to wear the colors you like. I won't show up smelling cigarette, if you hate that smoke. Just for you. Won't that make you happy?

Why should we then show up in Christ's birthday in wrong attires? Why do we set our party in a drinking pub and invite Him there? Why do we spend this valuable day in a lodging practicing immorality and fornication in the name of celebrating Christmas? Why do we love the day but not the day-maker?

For once, why can't we do what Jesus loves? Why can't we take time and go to church with the family? Why can't we share with the less fortunate in our surrounding? At least, why can't we take special time to know something new about this birthday-boy? Better still, why can't we share his biggest desire - making Him known to others?

This Christmas Season, purpose to do what the birthday-boy loves; give Him a smile. 

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2015!Bring on that cake, now!