No, This World Is Fair!

How?! When the standard eight pupils who did exemplary well miss allocation in National Secondary schools?

When a job which is rightfully yours is given to too far unqualified fellow?

When a playground for poor students is grabbed by notoriously rich figures?

…and how can we explain the incidents of the ‘less-educated’ acquire more wealth than ‘degree-owners’?

Yea, this world is so fair. There are a few good lies we’ve believed that make us think the universe is completely against us. Let me explain.


Lie #1. Just do your best

A lie! More to being the best, there's running!

The world opens its arms exposing its resources. The human beings, you included then run to tap. 

How many people are doing their best to get the same job or piece of plot you want? And did you know somebody is seriously following up that girl/man you’re dying to marry? Just like you, I too
want to win the so called 'Lipa na Mpesa' houses!

The only way out is stopping ‘just doing your best’ and truly run for your dream. The less educated guy is rich coz he’s zealous at gathering wealth as compared to his well educated fellow who’s has faithfully spent good time on books - read rich dad Poor Dad, the book.

The world is fair. It has enough for all of us - of coz some individuals are greedy, they'll come for your wife leaving theirs in the house, or grab public land while they're filthy rich.

Nevertheless, run, stop blaming the world.

Lie #2: Positive thoughts will change your life

The running I talked of in lie #1 ain't that easily achieved. That's why most people find solace and comfort in sweet thoughts. And motivational speakers will continue reaping from this field. That's fair coz they've run hard enough to make us sit and listen to them speak.

Unfortunately, the world won't pay you for your 'awesome' thoughts. You'll be rewarded for what you give us.

At one point, I almost hated reading inspirational quotes. Every time I read a good quote, I felt energized and relieved. The following day, I would land on another  'greater' one. So I was simply building a cycle of getting quality quotes but my life wasn't changing a bit.

It's until I began DOING what the quotes said that they brought an impact to my life.

Somebody said, it's easy to make a million shillings by producing a million needles each worth a shilling than creating one needle worth a million shillings. These are 2 different strategies of making a million shillings.

After DOING, you need to have an effective strategy of touching as many people as possible. That will  bring you a reward. The more lives you effect, the higher the reward.

Stop blaming this beautiful world, turn your thoughts into effective actions.

Lie #3: I'm not lucky

"I'm not lucky" can be true, and we often blame God for 'bad' fortunes. Not once, I've wished I was born in a rich family.

The issue of bad luck only becomes a lie when it's the main reason as to why you ain't making it. Many people are dying in this unlucky cocoon, forever thinking of themselves as losers. Unfortunately, days are going by - and nothing is change in their lives.

Unfavorable situations introduce risk. And, most often, the bigger the risk the higher the reward.

The question is, how willing are you to go past those ugly moments? How many times will you bounce back with more determination to win?

Otherwise, the world shall forever remain unfair, to you.


You aren't going to get what's rightfully yours, anyway

I want to agree to one Rick Riordan,  one of the New York Times bestselling author, that “Fair means everyone gets what they need. And the only way to get what you need is to make it happen yourself.”

One big problem is the presence of vultures; they'll want to eat your share - even in your very presence! And this trend is not going to change soon. You MUST PUSH through! You need to curve your way out; deserving ain't an surreality of achieving your goal and dream. That way, you'll receive your reward.

All the best!

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