Top 10 Must-Have Attributes For Tomorrow’s Successful Leaders

Emerging at the top in your generation in such a competitive environment will require some important attributes be wrought in you.

It might be in political arena, market place and business world, ministry and spiritual leadership, or social and family affairs. Every form of leadership calls for a smooth relationship between the leader and the followers. This is is why you need to start fostering these leadership attributes to ensure you’re well placed for success.

How Well Do You Know His Family?

No strings attached, but I often find myself begin an article from a man’s point of view – just ‘cause I’m a man. Today let’s be fair and have the title from the ladies point of view; Come 'on guys - it's valentine's day!

But you can as well ask 'How Well Do You Know Her Family?' LOL. 

One of the biggest challenges that has hit the institution of marriage is the fact that most young people begin this crucial journey without the involvement of their families, not even the parents. And, that’s a real problem.

Obstacles Won’t Overcome The Love For My People!

Mr. Job Nyangeya Bwomanga
A good number of young people, when they relocate to overseas, not only ‘forget’ their native languages, but also, in a strange way, forget their homeland. This is not the case with one Job Nyangeya Bwomanga.

From the discussion I heard with him over Skype, it was clear that nothing could stop his willingness and burning passion to transform the livelihood of his kinsmen.

Mr. Nyangeya, whose soul desire is serving and giving back to the society, lives in Texas with his wife and two children. Five years ago he dreamed of 3 projects that are bringing a great impact back in Nyamia and Kisii counties.