Obstacles Won’t Overcome The Love For My People!

Mr. Job Nyangeya Bwomanga
A good number of young people, when they relocate to overseas, not only ‘forget’ their native languages, but also, in a strange way, forget their homeland. This is not the case with one Job Nyangeya Bwomanga.

From the discussion I heard with him over Skype, it was clear that nothing could stop his willingness and burning passion to transform the livelihood of his kinsmen.

Mr. Nyangeya, whose soul desire is serving and giving back to the society, lives in Texas with his wife and two children. Five years ago he dreamed of 3 projects that are bringing a great impact back in Nyamia and Kisii counties.


Vision 2020

A project that officially kicked off on 6th June 2014, aims at ensuring the more than 2000 Public Schools in Nyamira and Kisii Counties have at least 5 computers by 2020. Now, that ain’t a small vision!

Showing me the laptops in his house ready for shipping, Omanga explained to me that it really hurts thinking of the number of people who are computer illiterate while the global economy is going online. 

The Launch of Vision 2020 at Nyakoiba
Sec School on 6th June 2014
“Soon, everything will be done over internet, what shall happen to these people?” Asked the concerned Omanga.

The first phase of 60 computers was successfully delivered, distributed and installed on 6th June last year. Omanga is grateful for the support of Kenya Youth Abroad (KYA), who helped raise $3000 for the shipping of the computers.




Community Information Centre

Now running and growing, the Community Information Center aims at empowering the populace through quality and free information and knowledge.  It’s a form of a library stalked with books and daily local newspapers. Villagers visit the center daily for a reading.

Mr. Omanga kick-started the project with Ksh 3,000. While undertaking his studies in Texas, he learned of Books For Africa, an organization that gives free books. Seeing that the books were truly worth going through, he requested for some for the Community Information Centre.
A local school in nyamira county provided a classroom for the same.  

One Shilling A Day Scholarship 

Nyangena Welcomes Former PM Raira
Odinga and Machakos Governor Dr.
Alfred Mutua in Irving, Texas
In line with making education available for all, this project is meant to encourage members of the community donate towards sponsoring needy students who do exemplary well academically.

Only a handful have lived to support the project, but Mr. Omanga has continued to source for funds and networking with them willing to lend a supporting hand. So far 5 children have received partial scholarship. 



It’s not been a down-slope ride for Omanga in accomplishing his dream. He has faced a number of challenges, the toughest being the counter force from the political realm

A number of political leaders, says Omanga, have politicized the whole idea, saying he’s simply digging into the Gusii political cake. This has seen him lack the necessary support from the local leaders.

Nevertheless, Omanga has continued to focus on his hearty dream. He’s aware of the fact that even if one day he decides to vie for a political race, his critics shall demand to know what he’s ‘done for the citizens’.

Book Harvest Day for Nyakoiba Community
Information and Research Center
“If I ever go for a political seat, my genuine service to my people shall speak for me. So to me, there is no loss in doing this; without a political place, I shall have changed the lives of my people, with a seat, I shall be more close to serve them. Otherwise, what bothers me is the fact that all operations shall soon be effected by a simple click of a mouse; I won’t watch my people remaining behind’.” Said Omanga.

The projects have also been hurt by lack of electricity and internet services. There are no enough trainers to pass computer skills to the villagers, and, Omanga lacks enough competent leaders to oversee the projects while he’s away.

From what Mr. Omanga has achieved, it’s clear, obstacles won’t overcome his love for his people.


How can I help?

If you share the same cry as Mr. Omanga, you can easily support by donating just $170. That is enough to import one computer for one school. It's that easy! The computers can be delivered to a school of your choice, if you have any in mind.