Is Having A Home Church Really Necessary?

With the evolution of TV, radio and online ministries, most of us can now comfortably get blessed right in our bedrooms with a sermon from our favorite preacher. We can sing along with great live or recorded music even from our phones! I can confess I've personally had amazing moments with God in the house, a lone!

We can worship from anywhere at any time, in a group or alone.

Then the big question goes, " Do we really need to have a place we call a home church?

God Did It For Me, He Will Do It For You!

Deborah Gesare, A teacher at
All Saints Cathedral Primary School,
The plans of the mind belongs to man but the answer of the tongue comes from God.

My name is Deborah Gesare. I recall my last years in high school after working hard for 4 years and expecting to pass very well. I was, and still I am very bright. I ‘badly’ desired to take a course in environmental studies or, at worst, tourism later at University.

The moment came when I was to gather my energies and score to my best. But then I was hit with a serious mental blackout that allowed me neither to read nor just stay awake. In fact, up to date,  I have never understood what it was. I only know one thing: God performed a miracle on me.

This took my parents to a lot of panic and I remember being rushed overnight to Mukumu hospital where I was diagnosed with NO disease.