Is Having A Home Church Really Necessary?

With the evolution of TV, radio and online ministries, most of us can now comfortably get blessed right in our bedrooms with a sermon from our favorite preacher. We can sing along with great live or recorded music even from our phones! I can confess I've personally had amazing moments with God in the house, a lone!

We can worship from anywhere at any time, in a group or alone.

Then the big question goes, " Do we really need to have a place we call a home church?

What is wrong with virtual congregations? Must you really attend a church service on every sabbath?" (sabbath day here meaning the day you would prefer to go to church; lets leave it at that point to avoid the common debate - for that is not the issue I'm tackling here today).

Simply stated, spiritual matters were authored by God, and He is a man of plan. This (personal services)  is not part of his designs. He has always called people to gather. I'm simply going to explain why a home church is of greater significance to you.

You hold important part of the Body

It's very important to acknowledge that you hold a critical portion of other people's well-being (Romans 12:5). We are all gifted differently. I may have a beautiful voice to sing, but can't play musical instruments. You might be graced in lifting hopeless spirits. Another can teach, but lack the gift of healing.

Unfortunately, most people are only interested in what they'll receive. It doesn't bother them that they have not given out. That's why it feels comfortable to sit before a screen and raise their hands and beautiful voices together with a live choir.

In my church, we have sessions for prayer, praise and worship and the word. There are programmes to meet other needs like youth empowerment, men's convergence, Ladies Meetings and teens Classes. Someone must facilitate every programme. Personally I'm in praise and worship/ Choir team.

You're gifted in a given area. By avoiding church gathering, you deprive others a right to receive your gift - and that weakens them and thus the whole body. Be there; help out cleaning and arranging the church. Just imagine people will be sitting on a chair you cleaned yesterday! It's a blessing.

You can't effectively accomplish this mandate via an iPad. That's why you should go fill up your gap; someone awaits your hand and blessing!

Leadership and Spiritual covering

We're talking of God's plan.

Right from the Book of Genesis to Revelation, whenever God's people are mentioned, they were under leaders who admonished them and gave guidance. He is a God of order, and He changes not.

Thus if we truly claim to be Christians, we must follow the same routine. God chooses leaders for a purpose. You might be stronger or older, more than a given church leader, but leaders chosen of God have favour to receive wisdom from Him. When you submit to a leader, you'll tap from them. It's God's way of working. It's even true in natural laws.

Until you accept to sit under these leaders, some things in your life shall stall. I have found nothing good as having favor with God, and it only happens when we align ourselves to His will.

A leader also provides you with a covering. In the old testament, kings were meant to lead in fights. The apostles were the first to taste the blows of persecution before the believer did. Trust me, you'll be shocked to hear the narrations of attacks and fights Pastors go through - both physically and spiritually. It's because the devil understands if they lose, the whole body will shutter down.

I've mentioned somewhere, I will never forget what one of my Pastors, Past Asunta Juma said when she was welcoming new members: We are committed to present you conquerors before Christ when that day comes. 

That means, the church leadership will fight hard to see that you make it in your spiritual life. That's basically provision of coverage and guidance.

This will be hard to accomplish if we all decide to hide in our couches. 

Accountability Issues

In the days of the old, getting born again included, majorly, joining a body of believers (Acts 2:47). Whenever Paul and other Apostles preached and converted people, they planted a church. Christianity was more of brotherhood.

But things have changed.

Nowadays the emphasis lays on "personal relationship with Christ". Whenever you'd inquire how one is fairing on, the answer is, "That's personal; it's my heart and Christ."

Again, that was not God's original plan.

Jesus often questioned and encouraged His disciples whenever they went astray or shown lack of faith. He affirmed them when they did good like when Peter said Jesus was the Son of God (Matthew 16:17).

If we're following His footsteps, then we must be accountable to someone. There should be people around us who are allowed to freely check on our trends and our day-to-day life. It should be known at least to someone where you spent last week, what's your prayer life, how your ministry is doing, etc.

Unfortunately, none wants this trend. In fact, almost all of the 'good' songs and preaching concentrate on 'your heart and Jesus'. Very few indeed, if any, admonish believers to unite and maintain regular meeting. 

Christianity can't be a one-man thing. Upon receiving the saving grace, you realize, "Oh, I ain't meant to live for myself. My life is meant to touch many." That necessitates mingling with other like-minded people. It's good to learn from their experiences; Iron sharpenth iron, they say. And no soldiers fight individually shall win. They must work as a team, with a well planed strategy. As a Christian, you are in the army of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One last point

There is the issue of moving from one congregation to another in the name of finding a church that fits you. In reality, not settling at one church is brought by our very centered lives focused at receiving. Whenever our needs are not met, we hop to another gathering.

The hip-hopping not only strangles your personal relationship with Christ, but also cripples the whole Christian body. Remember you're part of the larger body.

It's of paramount importance for individuals to identify themselves with a local church. The major assignment a christian has been given by Jesus Christ, is to win souls for the kingdom. The church is an equipping center for a believer to receive the appropriate armory for the accomplishment of this great commission. A home/local church provides this conducive environment.

A local church makes you a genuine believer. Though personal fellowship with God is critical, Christianity has never been private. Put your light in the open - go meet fellow believers!

So, which is your Church?