Easter Is All About Redemption

Being an Easter, I thought it better we briefly focus on the main reason for this season. Right from the fall of Adam and Eve, all the events unfolding were pointed at one thing: God's plan and desire to re-poses the very humans he created.

In my article "Identity: The Source of Fights Within You", I've discussed why God ain't ready to have anyone in hell. You carry His identity, and is ready to fight to redeem it. basically, that's why Jesus came - to save us.

In few words, I'd love to explain the 3 simple steps (or rather the 3 requirements)  for salvation and what you need to be a conqueror. 


1. Repentance

It’s more than just that strong emotion or feeling of “sorry” for the sins and wrongs we’ve done. It’s a renouncement of the lifestyle we’re leading that is contrary to the Bible Teaching, and acceptance of the NEW lifestyle found in Jesus Christ. The feelings and emotions are good because they indicate you’ve realized you’re on the wrong path; but more to that an effective effect must be experienced: Change of lifestyle.


2. Believe

That Jesus Christ surely died, rose again and is alive today, in heaven. That’s very important because it’s the main foundation of our salvation. Again, it’s more than just mental acknowledgement, you need to trust and fully rely on Jesus Christ.


3. Confess

Tell someone. Now that you’re saved, it’s important that people know about it. Yea, I know it sounds hard (and sometimes is) but don’t worry, salvation is so sweet to hide; you’ll find yourself sharing your experience. But purpose to do so.


Why Get Saved?

1. You’ll receive power to live free – At times we develop habits that grow too strong to break. Ever heard of generational and bloodline curses? Such things can be, and indeed are hard to overcome. But it’s possible through Jesus Christ. We only need to ask Him to help out.
2. Get access to God’s abundance – w e know God is the maker of everything and all belong to Him. Why should He not freely supply to you, His child, His blessings?
3. Healing of your body – You not only get healed of your soul and spirit, but your body; yea, your physical body. God will protect you from all diseases.
4. Avoid hell! Salvation gives you a gate pass to heaven. Only them washed by the blood of Jesus shall He recognize when that dreadful day comes.


Keys to victory in salvation

It’s good to know, in a world where sin is everywhere, in fact looking for you, it takes dedication to make it. In any case, success in anything we pursue requires passion and commitment. Here are 3 keys to be a victorious Christian:
  • Read your Bible, everyday
  • Pray, everyday
  • Fellowship with other Christians, everyday. 

One last points

Get Baptized – IN MANY WATERS like your savior did. It shouldn’t take ages. In fact, if possible get baptized the very day you get born again. The only person I know of in the Bile who took long to be baptized was Paul; it took him 3 days! Of course the challenge is getting the water the very place you get born again. But there ain’t no specific number of days, when it’s possible.