Youth Dilemma: Appearance Vs Character

I came across this thrilling article by Wanjiru Kihusa as she narrated how wrong she was on her view of a perfect man. Looking back at the list of qualities she badly wanted in a ‘husband’, she could only conclude, “I never got the man I wanted. No I didn’t.”

The good, old advice to “go for character, not the looks” is obvious and we’ve heard it.  None can deny that’s true. What really baffles me is why it is so hard to put it into practice.

I’m a victim.

The Warrior And The Arrow

Youth radicalization. High rise of crime. Insecurity. Drug abuse. Homosexuality and lesbianism. Poor marriages and divorce.

This is the sweet song around the globe, sung around the ears of the young generation. Parents can only cry out the pain of raising up a kid only to become a jihad. Governments can only arrest and kill a few their long arm can reach. The society and religious organizations can only watch helplessly from afar.