Nina Simone

As you read through and make the prayer at the end of this article, it’s my sincere supplication that your heart shall be pricked and be willing to carry the burden and/or challenge I present here.  

Nina Simone! What a passion boiled in that lady! The energy! What a heavy dream she bore! 

She moved crowds. Everywhere she stepped the atmosphere got charged. She served people’s hearts by her magical voice and fingers.

Yet Nina never lived her life – not even in a single day! She lived in fear and anger, throughout. Highly talented but deeply troubled!

Love Demands a Sacrifice, Always

In my quest for Ms. right, I’ve discovered that I can’t tick all of the requirements in my mental “must have list”. I am always disappointed whenever I take my pen and paper, for either one or two of my demands are not met by whoever I’m holding for an interview in the private chambers of my brain.

It’s a real struggle; I’m always left to choose between willingly withholding something I cherish to let her in, or clinging to my pride and let her go. Is this true to you or I’m the only one on the island?

I’m writing this article to help you not waste a lot of time waiting for your list to turn 100% positive, because it won’t. And even if it may “seem” to be, you’ll realize later that you fooled yourself or the same person is either unreachable or for some reasons decides not to love you.

NO 1 Reason Why Women of Our Age are Frustrated by Men

Marriage was ordained by God, we shouldn’t debate on that. 

This God, too, is a man of order. There is a plan in all he does.

You might also have seen some quote doing rounds on social media saying “if you marry a man with a TV and leave the one with a vision, you’ll soon watch a man with a vision on that TV”. That’s true.

With those 3 points in mind, I’ve observed two types of women. First, those working  with their husbands and, secondly, them working alone, even though they have husbands.

I have realized that those working with their husbands, no matter how minimal the returns are, seem more fulfilled as compared to their counterparts.

Kindly follow me as I explain.