NO 1 Reason Why Women of Our Age are Frustrated by Men

Marriage was ordained by God, we shouldn’t debate on that. 

This God, too, is a man of order. There is a plan in all he does.

You might also have seen some quote doing rounds on social media saying “if you marry a man with a TV and leave the one with a vision, you’ll soon watch a man with a vision on that TV”. That’s true.

With those 3 points in mind, I’ve observed two types of women. First, those working  with their husbands and, secondly, them working alone, even though they have husbands.

I have realized that those working with their husbands, no matter how minimal the returns are, seem more fulfilled as compared to their counterparts.

Kindly follow me as I explain.

Vision vs Career

Let me talk to men. 

You (might) have a something you want to 'become', what you know you were born to do. You might have started it or not, but you daily think of it and envision how to bring it to pass. You share it with your wife and both of you work towards establishing it. That’s a vision. You’re working together.

Then you have a job. You wake up everyday and go to work.  If you were married, you either leave your wife at home, or she’ll go to work somewhere. You both work for someone. You’re both dedicated at building your careers as you grow someone’s vision.

God’s plan for a woman

When God formed a woman, He made it clear that she was to help man. 

“And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; 
I will make him an help meet for him.” Genesis 2:18 (KJV)

Because God is a man of order, He made sure Adam had some ‘work’ to necessitate him require help. 

Therefore, God planned Eve to support Adam in his assignment. 

How men mess

Our culture has taught us to go to school, study hard, and find a good job. With that, our culture tells us, a man is ready to marry because he can now provide for his family. And that’s where we mess.

My take is, as much as it's important to be financially stable, it’s wrong to marry, simply because you feel you have enough money to care for a woman. That’s is like buying a car, because you feel you can maintain it. A woman is a companion, not a dependent. She’s to hold your hand to the other side of the river; not a bridge or car to take you there.

Why most women get frustrated

Women get frustrated because when they join men in marriage, they don’t find work to do. The man in their life is busy waking up to work and leaving her without work

Even if she is working somewhere, she won’t find fulfillment in that job simply because that’s not what she was created to do. She is working with (or for) someone she's not meant to work with. She still needs to work with you, support you. That means you should be sitting with her to plan something together. Now that becomes more important to her than her job.

I have listen to a number of women who have confined to me that they are frustrated because their men can’t sit down and discuss their future. They are loaded with ‘help’ but they have nowhere to place it. All they wanted is some form of guideline and freedom to bring forth a ‘visions’.

You see, more often, women don’t see it fit to lead when there is a man in their lives. That’s not their mandate, even if the project at hand is their idea. 

Women from some communities have been accused of being aggressive and 'disrespectful’ to their husbands to the extent of breaking their marriages. I think it’s this frustration that brings this abnormality. If an equipped woman finds no work, she’ll have to find something to do. She will start a business, initiate a projector start a ministry. And that’s how a man will lose meaning in her life.

Then it gets worse if a man views such a woman as a threat. She ain't, she is trying to be what she's meant to be.

The solution

A man should be ‘becoming’ something when a woman comes his way. You should have a vision of what you want to do in life and how your wife shall be involved. Thus she will be of help to you and therefore God’s plan shall be complete. She won't be frustrated.

Pastor’s wives have a tough time standing with their husbands in the ministry, but they are some of the few fulfilled because they are in their husbands’ business. They are doing what God created them for. 

Show me a woman in a family business, and I’ll show you a happy woman.

Full satisfaction

It’s even better when a woman finds a man who knows God; who understands what Go’s presence is. Eve found Adam working, but working under God's command.

I visited one happy friend who wedded a couple of months ago, she told me one thing: It’s beautiful marrying a man who honors God.

I could have taken it to be an obvious statement, was it not for the passion and joy printed on her face as she pronounced that statement. She was full of energy serving clients at their photo studio. 

I guess, the biggest question to ask a person to date isn’t if they love you, but rather, “what’s the plan for OUR future?"

Happy dating! Happy Marriage!

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