Nina Simone

As you read through and make the prayer at the end of this article, it’s my sincere supplication that your heart shall be pricked and be willing to carry the burden and/or challenge I present here.  

Nina Simone! What a passion boiled in that lady! The energy! What a heavy dream she bore! 

She moved crowds. Everywhere she stepped the atmosphere got charged. She served people’s hearts by her magical voice and fingers.

Yet Nina never lived her life – not even in a single day! She lived in fear and anger, throughout. Highly talented but deeply troubled!

That breaks my heart!

To be on the same page, Nina Simone (1933-2003) was a renowned American singer, songwriter, arranger, pianist and activist. 

I came across a docudrama done in recognition of her relentless fight for self-freedom. The film exhibits scenes of mental and deep emotional pain Nina experienced throughout her career.

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I’m writing her story because I strongly believe, considering her childhood, Nina should not have ended in a tragic life of drug addiction, mental disorder and uncontrolled sex.  

Born to a preacher in North Carolina, Nina began her pianist carrier at the age of three, playing in a local church. She later, with the help of some supporters, enrolled in the Juilliard School of Music.

But things took a U-turn that moment she was denied a chance to further her studies in the prominent Curtis Institute of Music situated in Philadelphia. In her own knowledge, Nina believes she was denied the opportunity she badly wanted because she was a black.

This tragic event really tortured her since music was all she wanted; it was all she knew.

Out of frustration, she turned to play piano and sing in a night club, the music which was often referred to as “the devil’s music”. 

It’s interesting to note that she renamed herself Nina Simone to camouflage from her godly family that obviously could not allow her sing in a night club. Her real name was Eunice Kathleen Waymon.
Now, that was the end of Eunice and the beginning of Nina.

The Spirit of the Lord has laid in my heart a burden for the many ‘Ninas’ around the globe. 

Bishop Noel Jones, in one of the preachings, says there always are two options for whatever you want in life. One is hard to get, but will bring you true joy and establishment, the other is easier and readily available but will utterly destroy you at the end.

Nina was determined to go the hard but right way, but when a challenge posed, she gave in to the easier option. And a keen study of her life reveals sorrows. 

In one of the conversations in the film I mentioned earlier, Clifton, Nina’s manager asks her why she is in France, not in America… playing in front of 100 people instead of 20,000. Nina’s answer tells it all: Too much loss. I lost my family, my people, my country, my money, my dreams. I lost it all. 

I’m contending for the souls and lives of many of us who had known Christ but, in one way or the other, are opposing the very Christ we knew. Us who are ashamed of the very gospel we once stood for. Us who have forsaken the truth we once lived. Us who have grown weary and now hold God’s work with feeble hands. Us who began in the spirit but are ending in the flesh.

I’m pleading for the youth whose talents are used to advance the kingdom of the enemy. Young people gifted in music, art and drama, entrepreneurship, speech, writing, energy, analytical thinking, science and technology, governance etc. 

I'm crying for a generation that this very spirit that took Nina Simone captive has laid its hands on. 

Are you hearing me?

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Right now, we could be mentioning Ms Simone alongside the likes of Linda Raddle, Donnie MaCklerkin, Don Moen and Martha Munizzi. 

But we can’t. Because her cause changed – when she was young. 

We can stop this from happening to many more youth. 

How? You ask. By YOU doing one/both of the following:
1. Choosing and deciding that your energy, talent and resources SHALL NOT be used to fulfill Satan’s purpose on earth, BUT rather be used to advance the Kingdom of God.
2. Standing in the gap by praying for and speaking to other young people into living for Christ.

A recording that probably depicts Nina’s state of Soul is “Sinnerman”. Written by Les Baxter and Will Holt, the piece describes a sinner trying to hide from the divine judgment on judgmental day. I feel Ms Simone fighting for her soul. She sings:

“… Well I run to the rock, please hide me…
But the rock cried out, I can't hide you..
So I run to the Lord, please hide me Lord...
The Lord said, go to the devil…
So I ran to the devil, he was waitin'…”

It indicates to me that she was not happy of her destiny.

I urge you to make this prayer:

Jehovah God, may you have mercy upon us.
As a youth, we’ve neglected you and the gift of life you gave us 
through your death on the cross.
Forgive us and give us a second chance; 
Help us to live for you and to bear this burden for a righteous generation.
In Jesus’ name we pray.

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