8 Signs You’ve Found Your True Calling

'What on earth am I here for' is a question that will never leave a sober mind until it’s answered. Its answer is what we referred to as ‘our calling’, ‘passion’ or ‘life dream’. 

There’s a lot of contentment that comes with finding your calling, for only then shall you enjoy all you’ll do in life.  But, in a life cluttered with many options, how can you know what you're pursuing is truly what God wrought in you when he formed you? Here are 8 tell-signs you’re on the right track. 

#1. It’s not mysterious

Most of us imagine our calling should be something farfetched, something not

You Just Might be Sitting on a Gem!

I vividly remember a friend in my teen years whose hands were talented at drawing portraits. Since it was a rare doing in the village, he could startle us on how he could, with a lot of ease, make a portrait of anyone in the school. I can remember in particular how he perfectly drew a portrait of our then Agriculture teacher. It was so perfect such that a thought of my friend immediately brings back the memory of the teacher and the portrait, after all those years!

You’re dead wrong if you think I have more stories left of the creative ‘hero’.

1 Simple Success Principle I learnt over the weekend

If you have a vision to accomplish in life, I want to share with you a simple principle I learnt this weekend unexpectedly that will help you succeed by overcoming fear and anxiety over your unknown big future. 

I was reading Psalm 19, and I thought it’s not fair that I haven’t memorized verses 7-11, being part of the most famous scriptures.

I didn’t find a better way of doing it other than writing down.

Child Naming: Why You Must Never Name Your Child after Someone 'Good'

Have you ever wondered why God, whenever he had a purpose with a child, he gave them a name even before they were conceived?

Did you notice God was also keen to Change the names of some people before He began working with them? Why, really? Is it that important?!

It’s my sincere prayer that the words I pen here will not only expose you to major truths but also help you make deliberate decision to take control of your child’s destiny – and, indeed, yours.

Let’s examine some examples:

5 Stages Every Successiful Courtship Must Encounter

As I promised in the recent article, Preparing for Marriage: Events vs Processes, I wish to discuss here the stages every fulfilling courtship must go through. 

Various relationship experts have tried to address the period of courtship but, generally, every relationship just like germinating seeds, should be allowed to mature at its own rate.

Let’s go to the gist of the matter! Every courtship must go through the following stages:

How to Prepare for Successful Marriage: Events Vs Processes

Happy new year! It's been looong since we interacted, I carry the blame, and am truly sorry! Hope I found grace and mercy with you!

You might have seen this GIF doing circles on social media platforms of young men running away from a bouquet thrown to them by a groom, signifying they are not ready to be the next to get married. It might be just a GIF, but it’s a reflection of our true society.  Ladies would die to hold that flower, though. 

All around us, the ‘noise’ in the air is that marriage is a dangerous zone that must be entered with a lot of caution.  And, indeed, one won’t need a master’s degree to recognize that; divorce is on the rise like never before, single parenthood is the order of the day and absent fathers are all over.

I don’t want you, and I, to be part of that failing group.