5 Stages Every Successiful Courtship Must Encounter

As I promised in the recent article, Preparing for Marriage: Events vs Processes, I wish to discuss here the stages every fulfilling courtship must go through. 

Various relationship experts have tried to address the period of courtship but, generally, every relationship just like germinating seeds, should be allowed to mature at its own rate.

Let’s go to the gist of the matter! Every courtship must go through the following stages:

How to Prepare for Successful Marriage: Events Vs Processes

Happy new year! It's been looong since we interacted, I carry the blame, and am truly sorry! Hope I found grace and mercy with you!

You might have seen this GIF doing circles on social media platforms of young men running away from a bouquet thrown to them by a groom, signifying they are not ready to be the next to get married. It might be just a GIF, but it’s a reflection of our true society.  Ladies would die to hold that flower, though. 

All around us, the ‘noise’ in the air is that marriage is a dangerous zone that must be entered with a lot of caution.  And, indeed, one won’t need a master’s degree to recognize that; divorce is on the rise like never before, single parenthood is the order of the day and absent fathers are all over.

I don’t want you, and I, to be part of that failing group.