Child Naming: Why You Must Never Name Your Child after Someone 'Good'

Have you ever wondered why God, whenever he had a purpose with a child, he gave them a name even before they were conceived?

Did you notice God was also keen to Change the names of some people before He began working with them? Why, really? Is it that important?!

It’s my sincere prayer that the words I pen here will not only expose you to major truths but also help you make deliberate decision to take control of your child’s destiny – and, indeed, yours.

Let’s examine some examples:

Samson was given a name before he was conceived and the mother given instructions on how to bring up the child.

While Zachariah was performing his priestly duties, the angel gave name to his son: John. The same happened to Mary concerning Jesus.

God changed the father of faith’s name from Abram to Abraham at the age of 99. Even his wife from Sarai to Sarah, while she was 90 of age.

Before he could be trusted, God had to change Jacob’s name to Israel. Jacob means “he grasps”, figuratively, he deceives. Remember he deceived his brother into selling the birthright and finally succeeded in ‘stealing’ it. He continued to cheat even when in Raban’s house when meting the sheep, and at the end ran away without Raban’s notice. God could not allow the power of ‘Jacob’ to continue manifesting, if at all he was to work with him.

We all know of Saul the persecutor, who changed to Paul the Apostle, the most influential of them all.
The first thing you must understand is that names, to a greater instance, point to, or rather determine, the destiny of an individual. Allow that point sink into your system.

Name and Destiny

Out-rightly, God has an upper hand in determining someone’s destiny because He has the ultimate right – He’s the creator and sustainer of man. But since the fall of man, He gave us free will; meaning we can decide if to work with Him or serve the enemy, Satan.

So all God does is try and capture a person’s destiny, all the time. And there are 4 major moments in a person’s life when this can happen: Birth, initiation, Marriage (wedding) and death.

There are a lot of spiritual impartation that take place while people are doing all those cultural chanting during initiation. What you do at the point of getting into marriage may open a door to manipulation of your destiny – that’s why a marriage can either make or destroy you. During death, spiritual world’s take advantage, explaining the astonishing cultures you may have witnessed practiced at this point.

God willing we’ll exploit those avenues deeply, but for now let’s concentrate with naming (Birth).
Devil too knowing God has the right to a person’s destiny, He tries to circumvent it.

How does he do it? By manipulating the system of naming of a child to introduce a name that won’t point to a better destiny, because a name marks the beginning of it all!

At birth both God and Satan try to capture the destiny of a person. But remember you are the one to bring the effect depending on the knowledge you posses. Remember too, ignorance is not an exception!

The Bible says, “…in the times of ignorance, God overlooked, but now…”. 

One of my uncles back in the village who’s a pastor once explained this verse this way: Long time ago, mothers could go with their babies to the shamba and while there feed them with dirty hands and the babies never contracted any disease. Try it today.

He left it at that and it made a lot of sense.

Package of Good and Bad

Why must you not name your child after someone simply because he was/is ‘good’? Why must you not just pick a pretty name?

Many people think that when they name a child after a good, successful person, the child will grow to be like such a person. That’s a true thinking.

What we often forget is, despite the visible accomplishment, every individual has his/her own life battles, meaning, unknowingly, you not only permit the positive aspects of the person to transfer freely to your child, but also the negative ones and any spirits and demons that operated in them.

Secondly, whoever you are admiring is not the first to be called that name – so there is a baggage of character, spirits, and fights your child might bare, coming right from the first person who took that name.

Don’t be lied to, a name is like a package; you can’t just accept the positives and avoid the negatives. You grab it all.

How should you then pick a name for your child?

Simple: by meaning.

Every name has a meaning. Many instances in the bible, you read that ‘he called the child so and so, because this and that happened. Or you shall call the child this name, because he shall do this and that. All names have a meaning.

There is another danger of just picking a ‘seemingly beautiful’ name which you don’t even know the meaning. It might be a name of a demon or goddess in a far country.

That does not mean you can’t name your child Dennis, Tom or Bellah. Neither shouldn’t you use traditional names like Gichana, Kimani or Juma. No!

Any name can be used given these 2 conditions are followed, strictly:
  1. You know the meaning of the name
  2. You are sincerely not picking the name because it’s attached to someone or something; in other words, the name should have all to do with the future, not the past; it should point the child to his destiny, not drugging him to the past. In any case, no matter how good the past was, the future should be better!

You are wondering, “I have already named my child, what can I do?”

If you didn’t have the advantage of naming your children in the right way, there is really much alarm. You only need to go before God and dedicate them. We once sinned with these very bodies we’re using to glorify God. God cleansed us! 

Churches do child dedication services and I advocate you do that with a Bible believing church with biblical doctrine – not any church. 

You may also change the names all together if you don’t feel comfortable with them. The constitution has that provision. 

I know of a number of friends who have changed or are in the process of changing their names.

In one major case, my friend realized, after he almost died as he simply survived having gone through ICU, that every person in his genealogy who possessed his name had died at the age of 30. His time had come. He once told me, “Job, I came face to face with death!” With the revelation of the power in names, he chose to completely change his name.

Another friend who feels his name doesn’t well represent what he wants to do in life is changing his two names!

You may need to study the story of Jabez in ! Chronicles 4:10 to get insight on the power of a name. "His mother had named him Jabez, saying, "I gave birth to him in pain."" 1 Chronicles 4:9-10.

A word to upcoming fathers

  • A father, rightfully, has the authority to bless his children. After birth, be careful to be the first person to hold your baby, call it by its name and speak what you want the child to become before relatives and friends speak their wishes.
  •  If you can connect with the Holy Spirit, and all of us should, trust God to give you a revelation on your children’s destiny and purpose in life so that you can name them appropriately. In fact He can give you the name as well, why not?

May you see your children’s names in the Holy Ghost dreams! Kayebo!


  1. Great inspiration there, and not just that, but the whole truth on how destinies are shaped. Many of us are were we are because of our names. Thanks for that insight bro Job!

    1. It's humbling to know that you were inspired; Indeed many are stuck simply because of the names we carry; thanks to God for the power in the name of Jesus, we can break these chains! God Bless you!