1 Simple Success Principle I learnt over the weekend

If you have a vision to accomplish in life, I want to share with you a simple principle I learnt this weekend unexpectedly that will help you succeed by overcoming fear and anxiety over your unknown big future. 

I was reading Psalm 19, and I thought it’s not fair that I haven’t memorized verses 7-11, being part of the most famous scriptures.

I didn’t find a better way of doing it other than writing down.

I took my notebook and started writing from verse 7. But upon writing the first 3 lines, I thought, “is this page enough to cover all the lines?” 

I felt some discomfort, since I really wanted all the verses on one page, neatly done. 

So I counted the lines on my bible, then the lines on my notebook. Thank God, they perfectly matched (18-18). I now started writing in peace. 

I’m almost there, follow me.

But despite the beforehand info I had, the same fear that the page may not be enough for the 5 verses struck me when I was on the second line of verse 10. A quick glance ascertained me I had 4 lines to go, exactly what was remaining on my notebook.

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Coming to the last sentence, I realized it was longer than most of the lines. And I was like oops! I can’t fail on the last line! So I copied carefully so I may not misuse the available golden space.

It’s when I put the final full-stop that it hit me: Isn’t this what happens in real life, daily?

#1. Fear subsides in presence of Plan

No one wants to fail, because we were created to succeed.

That’s why fear is an enemy to all of us. It’s in a child who thinks his mama won’t be happy with him for peeing on his clothes. 

It’s in a pupil about to sit for her exams. A youth leaving his parent’s to start his own life is not certain what to meet ahead. A long time investor wonders if his money will come back. Even a deer in the wilderness grazes with caution, just in case a cheater appears.

Fear is a destructor. It’s not a tangible thing, but a feeling, yet so powerful. It announces that you’ll fail, even if you are not meant to. 

At the end of copying the verses, I realized the page could be enough even if I wrote without counting the lines. So why counting was necessary?

Because it dispelled fear and anxiety, both of which are just but baggage as you climb your success ladder. 

When you KNOW exactly what is required to accomplish a project, right before you commence, you’ll progress with confidence – because nothing gets you by surprise.

Planning ensures you have the necessary information.

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#2. Be aware of ‘unorthodox fear’

How can we explain the fact that I had anxiety four lines to the end of copying the verses when I already knew the page was enough?! Why was I afraid of doing the last line?

There is another form of fear that cannot be conquered by planning. It will emerge because you are human, not an angle. 

There is a man who talked to God - yes, God himself - and was assured of protection. But when danger came, the man, once bold because of the plan they’d drawn with God, ran away and "played that he might die, saying, "I have had enough, Lord, Take my life; I am not better than my ancestors."".

That was Elijah.

Where did his a fore-information that all-powerful God was backing him vanished to? – I call it unorthodox fear. So senseless, ridiculous fear. 

You can only master this by continuous practice till you foster confidence; always knowing that you have in you what it takes to accomplish your dream. Yea, like Meshach, Shadrack and Abednego, stand before 'your Nebuchadnezzar' and proclaim, "I won't bow down!"

Start from the end

One of God’s perfect law is first finishing something he intends to start. In other words, God never begins something before it’s finished. And all he makes is success.

I have good news: you have that trait because you’re created in his image.

I have seen constructors imitate the same. No matter how big a house is, they will do a complete plan on how they would want the house to be (for both the hidden ugly concrete and the beautiful finishes). They'll give you a pictorial representation. You'll admire the house and book for your office space even before the foundation is laid!

Don’t go against yourself by starting projects you have not thought of. 

Why are you beginning that business? Why are you applying for that job? Why are you dating or marrying? How would you want to go through the same? What exactly do you want?

Sometimes you may not have all the answers you’re seeking, but at least understand where you are going and why. That way, you’ll be disciplined enough to do the right things. 

No matter your status today, you must realize God has created you to accomplish a purpose and he has put in you all you need to succeed. 

Have Purpose, for Purpose brings discipline, discipline forms decision, decision determines destiny.
Don’t fail God! You can do it.

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