8 Signs You’ve Found Your True Calling

'What on earth am I here for' is a question that will never leave a sober mind until it’s answered. Its answer is what we referred to as ‘our calling’, ‘passion’ or ‘life dream’. 

There’s a lot of contentment that comes with finding your calling, for only then shall you enjoy all you’ll do in life.  But, in a life cluttered with many options, how can you know what you're pursuing is truly what God wrought in you when he formed you? Here are 8 tell-signs you’re on the right track.

#1. It’s not mysterious

Most of us imagine our calling should be something farfetched, something not
yet seen, something we’re yet to taste. No; your calling should be familiar to you. It’s something you can trace some footsteps from your past life. Though much of it is in the future, but you can’t find it by gazing into the future. Looking at what we shall do in the helps us solidify our calling, but looking at what we’ve done helps us identify the dream; there must be traces of your calling in you – identify them.

#2. It can only be stepped into by faith

A calling cannot be so clear. It can’t be ‘just’ accomplish; looking what it shall be years to come should shake you. It takes faith to make the first step into a dream because, at the starting point, it’s obvious you won’t have the resources needed for the job. But you begin small, taking the first infant steps. Looking at a toddler, who can tell it can grow to run, talk, eat by itself and make life decisions like looking for a job? It takes faith to care for it. 

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#3. People around you should See it too

Your close friends and relatives should be able to identify with your passion. In fact, one way to knowing your true calling is doing a survey with your friends. Ask them to describe you in writing ad sample their answers. You’ll be shocked that their replies are intertwined and point at something familiar to you. At times, it’s those who are not on the pitch that know what the player is capable of and what best he should have done while playing. 

#4. Must Pose challenges

A true calling is not a ride in the park. It demands sweating. That’s why not everyone can live their dream. Looking at it, you must realize your hands must start getting dirt. The challenges are necessary as you must be prepared for a bigger life ahead. But since it is what you were created to do, the fire within will be great enough to fuel you past the obstacles.

#5. It’s not a one-man Show

If you can accomplish it alone, then it’s a nightmare, not a dream.  A true dream demands for the input of other many people. Sit down and reflect where you want to go. Analyze how much helping hands you’ll need to get to your destiny. It’s what Napoleon Hill calls ‘A mastermind Group’ in his book Think and Grow Rich. If you want to walk alone, you can only walk faster, but not far.

#6. It demands Patience

A true calling will take time to achieve. It therefore goes without saying that you must develop patience and tolerance. There shall be pitfalls and wrong turns along the way. You’ll fail at some point. You’ll succeed faster as some points. It took time to build Rome – purpose to be persistent!

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#7. It intertwines with rest of your life

Your true calling must not fight with other aspects of your life. There should be a clear positive correlation between the dream you want to pursue and the rest of your life; it should complement you who you are as a person. Otherwise, you’ll never enjoy (or succeed) this walk – it has enough challenges already. 

#8. Mentors will show up

Nothing is new in this world. The path you want to take has been walked by many, only that you’ll walk in a unique way. When you are ready, you’ll start recognizing people of the same calling and passion who’ve gone ahead of you. Because you crave for what they already have, you’ll find ways of hooking up with them to tap from their experiences. You may talk to them, read their books, get in touch with their blogs and websites, attend their seminars etc. A common saying goes: when a student is ready, the teacher shows up. Identifying a mentor is a sign of readiness to go for your calling. 

Does it help finding ones calling? Can one be sure when they've found it? You can participate by sharing your views down here on the comment box.

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