Suppose You Don’t Take The Step?

‘It’s not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do,’ Said one Moliere. You must realize that there are people whose dreams are pegged on how 'good' you'll execute your life purpose

Credit: Arabs for Christ/FreeBibleimages.org
This morning I woke up examining a story that reminded me of a powerful note I wrote on my Facebook wall sometime back on why your current state is not necessarily an indication of what your destiny shall look like. Before I give you my morning thoughts, here is the note, in case you haven’t read it, and if you have, I think it’s a story worth a re-read:

Why your current 'bad' state doesn't reflect your destiny

One of the stories that keep amazing me is Ruth's. 

Did you know she was the mother to King David's grandfather, Obed, who gave birth to Jesse, David's dad? She thus found her way to the genealogy of the greatest man ever known, Jesus Christ.
In human measures, she didn't deserve this because, well, she was a foreigner in Bethlehem, and a widow. But by God's grace, she found favor with Boaz.

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Another amazing entry to Jesus' genealogy is Solomon. His mum was Uriah's wife, of course the father was David. 

Solomon was born of sin. Given a chance, none of us could ever put him closer to Jesus' history. But God did. [Matthew 1:1-16]

“I am not worth nor do I have what it takes to become ‘anything important’” is one destructive thought that has made graves rich of untapped skills, ideas and potentials. You shall be doing the worst mistake if you sit thinking you ain't worth becoming who you’re dreaming to be because of your current state. 

Wake up dear and move forward! Do the little you can!

All Ruth did was determining to follow Naomi and say no to laziness by going to gather 'left over' grains in a shamba she didn't know which. And God did the rest. This simple decision ignited the journey to her marriage. (And, am I the only one who feels the book of Ruth should have been Naomi? Anyway she has a book on her name!)

How Solomon was formed in his mother's womb didn't stop him from becoming the wisest king; He found favor with God.

These two people ‘maneuvered’ their way to the genealogy of Jesus, the greatest man ever known on earth, and I keep wondering, “Were there no better and ‘more holy’ people to take their place?”

You can refuse to die!

Credit: Arabs for Christ/FreeBibleimages.org
 The story of four fellers who were about to die but refused to, and it paid off, is what I wake up examining this morning.

The guys were leprous and knew the time to take their last breath was surely reckoning since they were locked out of the city and had no food; drought had invaded their land.

They were pressed between a wall and a hard rock; on one side was their city which had no food at all, on the other enemies who had food but, upon seeing them, could kill them instantly.  They chose to go to the enemies’ camp because they thought they might show some mercy and give them food.

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That single step not only saved them but other thousands of starving people. God magnified their steps such that the enemies thought their opponents had ambushed them with a mighty chariot and thus fled for their lives leaving behind all they had, which later fed the starving city. 

One thing you must bring all your being into agreement, clearly, is never accepting to be defined by your current state of life. These leprous guys reasoned with each other saying, “Why sit we here until we die? (2 Kings 7:3). 

You too can refuse stagnation. You can refuse defeat. You can refuse to be on status quo. 

Suppose You Don’t Take The Step?

The tragedy of not taking a step to do what you were created for is beyond you. It means you’ll kill other dreams dependent on you. It means many guys may not achieve their vision, and so will anyone whose life shall be depending of them. It means a series of generations shall be brutally affected. Perhaps that's why we shall be judged for what we do not do.

I have a simple exercise for you: Take a pen and a paper. Write down all you think you can do. Every one of us is endowed with unique abilities; when God created you he wrought in you all that you needed to succeed; none can add anything into you; you’re well able! 

You can choose life. You can choose to be a solution to many problems around us. You can write a book. You can produce a song. You can create a business and employ people. You can create a movement. You can talk and motivate others. You can be an MC. You can be anything because you have a chance! Don’t let your current ‘bad’ state define you! Look inside you and see how great you can be.

All some of us can do is help you see the potential in you; help you take that step of first step; help you take off – the very reason why I’ve penned this article. The fact that you are still breathing today means there is more you can do. 

Against all odds, you must take a step of faith of which God will magnify!

Ruth, though in pains, by faith, followed her mother in law from Moab to Judah. She got re-married in the unlikeliest situations.

Solomon, when had a single chance to ask God something, He asked for wisdom. 

The Four lepers choose not to die.

You too have some sort of chance today! Be good to people. Do good. Have a clean heart. Don't be lazy. Then, you shall be elevated, and as Joel 2:26 states, 'you shall eat in plenty and be satisfied.' And who knows, like Ruth, maybe a book shall be written of you too!

Do you think by failing to fulfill our dreams we're putting many more dreams at stake? Kindly share your views on the comment box bellow.

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