3 Simple Habits that will Revolutionalize your Productivity

1. Declutter your Mind

One destructive behavior common with most human beings is using their minds for storage.  Your mind was not meant for storage but creativity.

Have you ever thought of something and decided that you can do it ‘later’? Did you realize when ‘later’ came you took time to figure out what you really wanted to do? Did you realize that you actually couldn’t remember some finer details of the idea or forgot everything all together?

In this way, you did not only lose some brilliant ideas, but also misused and wasted your mind. 

Solution: Whenever your mind generates an idea via its creative abilities, write it down. Write everything that pops up regarding the very idea AT THAT VERY TIME. Decide if the idea can be accomplished at that time or you’ll have to move it to a later date, and if so, when.  This practice has two benefits. 

First and foremost, it frees your mind for more creative performance. Your mind won’t be burdened to store the Idea’s basics; you ease yourself of stress knowing the idea is saved somewhere on paper.

Secondly, you won’t lose any information. No matter how sharp you may be, your mind won’t remember every finer details of an idea exactly how they ware when you first received it.

This habit demands you walk with a notebook and a pen; brains usually don’t have fixed schedules when they can produce.


2. Golden Hour

This is what I call “the most productive hour” of the possible 24 hour. Most people, find early in the morning to be most productive as their mind and body has relaxed and not yet intoxicated with the day’s activities. That’s my hour too. 

Some are good at working best at some point before they sleep. I have a friend who does online freelancing. He is not a fan of waking up early but can work at very odd hours at night. He can actually sleep at 3AM and wake up at 10AM. It’ll take me a lifetime to adopt that. So it’s actually up to you to identify your ‘golden hour’.

What should you use your golden hour for?

Each one of us has a purpose in life; that passion we badly wish to accomplish. This golden hour should be used to build that life vision. Spend this hour reading, researching, or actually doing something that will take you closer to your dream.  

If your day job is not connected to your life vision (if that’s not what you really want to do in life) then don’t spend this hour on developing skills on the same; find another time for it.


3. Plan for the following day before you sleep

If you wake up to begin a day you didn’t lay down how it’ll flow, a lot of time will go down the drain because of 2 reasons.

i) You will wake up, start going through your wardrobe to figure out the clothing for the day. In fact, most use the brain energy meant for ‘golden hour’ picking clothes, ironing and brushing shoes. 

ii) Almost at every point of the day, you’ll be required to make decisions. If you don’t have a clear schedule of your day, you’ll be forced to take time to decide what to do.

Try this for a week: 
  • Before you sleep, pick what you’ll wear the following day, iron the clothes and brush the shoes. Pick even the socks, belt, tie. Put them somewhere. You’ll realize you won’t need to sleep wondering, “What shall put on tomorrow?”  That means your mind shall be free to meditate on other important staff. 
  • Take a paper and pen (But you should have a notebook) every evening, try to draw a plan for your day: When to wake up and what to do till you get to your bed.
These 3 habits are really simple yet highly effective. It’s simple things that create impact. 

Any simple habit that has improved your life? Share your experience in the comment box bellow.

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