Stop Treating Life Like a Marathon; It’s a Maze!

I have observed with a lot of concern that most of us want to race through life. Take a moment and think: If your life was a marathon, then you’d clearly know both your starting and finishing points. It could also mean the faster you run, the faster you’ll get to your destiny, as it were. All you needed to succeed is to keep moving. But you can agree with me that reality on the ground has a different story all together.

More often, there is no definite path to follow, nor can you find marked directions. You just need to find your way out, think and make a decision whether to go south or east, whether a venture needs you take a walk or drive, if you need to keep moving or stop and go back. Life is a maze with infinite options.

For instance, a relation you thought had a definite end can come to a dead end - people have married, started a good life and later divorced. A career path can take longer than you though - many people have actually ended up doing what they never anticipated. I have a friend who did a degree in engineering but is now a Real Estate entrepreneur, selling property! Trust me, what made him Real Estate guy is not the 5 years he spent in an engineering class but a 6 month by-the-way-job he opted in after an engineering related job couldn’t come through.

Of course, as human beings, we’re excited with straight paths, running forward; where we know a definite end. 

Our Interpretation of Success Journey
But you see, the reality is, a maze may require you to take some steps backwards, a direction that we’ve already come from. We hate this. We fear it. We detest it.


Because it makes us feel that we didn’t make good judgments before we began, that we wasted our precious time and resources into a venture that never materialized. This, in our opinion, makes us failures, what we don't want to be associated with.

But you know what? That’s the real thing. Hate it or like it; life is a maze. You have two options, you can accept it and learn to get moving or sit and mourn. 

The maze Made the People you look up to

We all have the people we look up to and we are excited to consider the success they have achieved. In our minds, we often imagine they had a dream, followed it and succeeded. What we fail to appreciate is the many back steps they took – the confused path that brought them thus far. Their status is not as a result of a straight marathon path. They had real breakdowns – business ventures that drove them to bankruptcy, relationships that bitterly betrayed them, health issues that almost killed them. But they lived on, to inspire us.

The Ideal Success Journey

In life, just like in a maze, you’ll always have two scenarios: A way ahead of you and a dead end. 

Now that you are still breathing, it’s important to know that you have two options to your destiny. 

First, keep moving whenever there is a way ahead and, secondly, get back and try another path if you get yourself into a dead end.

Don’t make a mistake of standing still! Don’t keep regretting! Congratulate yourself for you at least now know one way of not doing it. Some individuals had up to five breakages before they got the right person to marry. Most of the successful business people I know had several startups before they finally made it.

At times you’ll need to ascertain you’re truly in a dead end. Don’t confuse a bend for a dead end. 

This happens when challenges arise in a venture, creating mare stumbling blocks blocking you from attaining your goal. Don’t give up easily. 

Always be optimistic. May be you can get it right the first time! Some people get into a career and they successfully run with it to the end. Some couples were once child-hood friend.

But if you are not among first timers (which is true to most of us) don’t stand still; take another path.

This way, some day, you’ll inspire someone. 

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