The Tragedy In Living There

Looking forward to clear the primary school final exams, most of us thought it could be a great achievement, and when the day finally came, we celebrated, some by burning their books – and overlooked the junior students.

We were wrong.

Whatever marks we achieved, we went on to high school, and soon or later we could realize our celebrations were overrated; it’s like life had just began – and it was our turn to be overlooked by senior students. We couldn’t wait to sit for our O’level and proceed to higher education…and we didn’t learn the lesson.

The KCSE came, some passed, some like I still blame Mathematics for missing 1 point to entry mark, and some got Ys and Xs. Whatever the case, sooner, we were to realize what we were dying to achieve was not all that was; life had more surprises. 

We may want to think up to this point, we were still childish, but the subsequent turn of events proves otherwise.

I always imagined clearing college and getting a job could make me happy (or happier)…as we say, I could settle. I got a job and I started thinking how blissful it could be if I finally found a good woman to make a wife. The lady came in and I started wondering how wonderful our wedding would be…the wedding came and passed and I realized life is more than a wedding; it had actually began! 

As I’m typing this, I have school certificates, I have resigned from 2 jobs which I liked then disliked, and of course the one am in is better than what I had last, I am married with a baby…and still, am I have ‘better’ things am looking forward to! So, when am I going to be settled and enjoy life? What’s this life?

This is the true reflection of many lives. You always have at least one more thing to achieve to settle and be happy. We think: I wish I got a job/better job...I could enjoy life, or when I get married, I think life will be great, or when I get kids and settle, life will be better..I wish I was waking up from my own house! 

Listen, It’s a lie!

Such thoughts indicate that only what's in the future, what you see at the horizon, will make you happy; you're not contended with your present status.

But did you know you'll never get your hands on the horizon? Did you know as you move forward the horizon keeps ‘moving ahead’ too? It’s like to run to a pot kilometers away promised to be full of goodies, only to realize it’s empty.  

It’s a disaster of living in the future, and many are trapped in this rat race for the rest of their lives. You should avoid this! Here are a few things I suggest you can do.

Always remember happiness is a journey not a destination

Here is one of the greatest statements I got from Robin S Sharma’s book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”

“One of the most tragic things that any one of us can do is to put off living. Too many people are dreaming of some magical rose garden on the horizon rather than enjoying the one growing in our back yards. What a tragedy”.

Never ever neglect happiness because of an achievement you are looking forward to, thinking you’ll be happier upon attaining it; (God forbid) who told you you’ll live to see the day? Live today, there will be no other like it. Don’t think: when I win a lottery I’ll make my parents happy. No, do the little you can to put a smile on their face – even if it means calling them. I am not saying you stop working hard for a greater achievement, but rather such desires must not make you neglect or not acknowledge the little beauties God places around you daily. Always avoid putting off things that are attached to your well being and happiness.

I have done a more elaborate article on why YOU and NOW should be good friends. You can read it here.

Never ever forget the gift of your family 

I have never forgotten the day my grand mom passed on. While admitted, we used to be with her during visiting hours, the hospital couldn’t allow us stay overnight.  This one morning we arrived at the hospital and welcomed with the sad news; she was no more.

That meant I could not talk to her. That meant I could not buy her anything. That meant I could not take her out. That meant I would not make her smile. That meant I could not, not do anything for her, with her. She was gone.

If you are planning to have a conducive day in the future to ‘starting’ appreciating the people around you, you’re setting yourself for a lifetime regret, a wound so hard to heal. Nothing is haunting like knowing you missed an opportunity to show love to a person who is no more.

I’ve always wished I was there with my gland mother at her last breathe. She was such a great friend, having spent some childhood days in her arms and love. I miss her.

No greater gift for your children than being part of their childhood. Soon, you’ll realize they are all grown and gone to build their own lives, no much time to be part of them; It’ll be too late. It’ll be their turn to give you their time. 

No amount of gold can replace the commitment to spend quality time with your spouse. Don’t wait to join the group of people begging their once loving partners to come back to them. It’s neither good nor wise.  

Honor your father and mother today, not with words but actions. Many people are suffering because they left their parents die with a sad heart. I know some parents may not have been good to you, but for your good, find grace to forgive them. May you be contended to have done your best to mend ways with them.  

Don’t just loose friends!

I know most overlook the importance of a true friend. Friends do 3 important things: First, what we love most, friends help put back our smile when life throws one of its tantrums on us. Then friends take us back to our positions when we want to feel holier than thou. Lastly, they support us attain our goals. This explains why you must make a deliberate, daily decision to cultivate friendship. And you must remember your friends are not with you forever more, you have a chance to make a meaning in their lives, today. 

You’ll never have a strong standing house if you neglect or not give into consideration how you place single units. It’s what you do daily that amounts to a ‘future bigger achievements’. Enjoy every moment of your breath, make it count.

What other ways can we enjoy the present life and the small daily blessings around us? Let me know in the comment box bellow.

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