Why You Must not Belittle Praying for Your Little Ones


Back in 1984, a local church in my village decided to engage in a missionary activity to evangelize to some remote parts that had not yet received the gospel.

The lead pastor then asked members to voluntarily participate in this event by supporting financially. A date was set to collect the contributions.

When the date finally came, for unknown reasons, to date, no one gave towards this commission but for one woman who gave Ksh 400. 

Knowing the background of this woman, the pastor was deeply touched. Ksh 400 back then, coming from a woman whose main occupation was digging in people’s farms, to at least feed her family struck with drunkenness, was quite a sacrifice. He knew this woman, the only person saved in her family, had given her all.

 “What do you want God do for you, mama?” Asked the man of God.

Amid sobs, the elderly lady answered, “If God wills, let one of my children be saved and become a pastor.” 

The Pastor must have thought, ‘well, do you really know what you’re asking?’ So He asked again, “Mammy, what did you say you want?”

The lady repeated the same word she had said earlier. And the servant of God made the prayer.

Pastor Job Omoko (right) preaching at
Harvest Christian Church, Nairobi
For a span of 20 years, a lot of incidents took place, and even the prayer forgotten, probably. But to cut the long story short, Job Omoko was in a Bible school, saved of course. As I am typing this, out of that seemingly simple petition, this man I saw grow back in my village, is now the successful founder and lead pastor of Harvest Christian Church here in Nairobi. He is grateful to God choosing him from a family of 8.

I know I am a creative writer, but what I’ve just told you is not one of my creations; it’s a true story as I know all the characters, having lived with them for many years. I have personally visited the afore mentioned church severally, right from its inception. (And it’s such stories that make me very mad when I hear people criticize pastors, pastors they don’t have their background story). Sorry, this article was not about criticized pastors, I only found it to be a good place to mention it.

I’m writing this article because I’ve perceived most of my generation is not aware of the paramount and most important role of praying for their little ones. Just try to answer this question for yourself (whether you have a child or not), when did you adequately take time to present them before God, or do you have any plan to do so?

As a matter of fact, I was talking to one of my friends, sharing how our families are faring. Amid our discussions she jokingly commented that she’s been asking her husband they pray for their 1-year son but he brushes her off. 

“But anyway I do my best to pray whenever I find time.” My friend concluded.

Friends, that may seem an intelligent statement, but it isn’t!

Praying for your kid(s) is not only urgent but also a paramount need you must carry with every seriousness it deserves! How heavy do you think was the cry in the heart of Pastor Job’s mother even before coming to see her pastor? What could have happened to the live of Pastor Job was it not for that prayer? Who could have reached the many people his ministry has touched?

Having said that, let me explain to you why you must not take lightly the issue of praying for your child.

Help them reach for their destiny

I mentioned in [child naming article] that there are two forces fighting for an individual’s destiny right from conception: First, God who has the destiny set and ready, for before we were formed in our mother’s wombs, he knew us. Then there’s the devil, who comes in to thwart and try to divert or even kill this plan.  

A wise enemy will use misdirection to gain advantage over his opponent. That’s what devil does. He’s happy to see us focus only at providing for our children as the only important need, forgetting that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” 

As parents, we have a role to play in determining which force wins. One of the surest way of protecting God’s plan for your children is by making intercessions for them. You might have heard that God is able to do anything by himself but has chosen to operate on earth through men; meaning unless we decide to work with him to effect his purposes on earth, then his will shall fail, and of course devil wins.

You may need to understand that your child’s destiny is fought right from conception. Moses, the leader of Israelites from Egypt, was meant to die before he was even born. Jesus was sought to be killed upon his birth. Many wanted to destroy him before his mission on earth was accomplished. 

Villagers and relatives tried to link John the Baptist to his father, naming him Zachariah. In the same manner, many destinies are cut short. Not just by death, but also by corrupting the initial plan laid down by God.  It’s not God’s plan to have unruly individuals, others lost in drugs, perpetrating every form of crime. Praying for your child will help him/her avoid the struggles and bad habits entangling many people. It’s this struggles that bar many from becoming what God intended them to be.

In your child’s shoulders is help for many generations

You must stop seeing your tiny baby just like a baby! You have in your care, more than a nation, and a destiny helper to many lives unknown to us. 

It’s such a serious matter because if our children won’t live their destinies, many more lives which they could support and encourage will miss the target, and the trend will continue. Do you understand the blunder you’ll be putting our world in by simply not taking your place in prayer?

Let me repeat this question: In what state would be the hundreds of lives Pastor Job has touched, transformed and fostered? A mother’s prayer did it! 

I often hold Hadassah, my daughter, in my arms and declare that she’ll be a solution to her generation; none shall surfer because she neglected or missed her position. I actually began this prayer when she was yet in the womb, praying by faith, that God’s purposes concerning her life shall not be stopped nor thwarted. I have refused to let devil divert, convert, prevent, circumvent or whatever he may wish to do over my daughter’s destiny!

No one is going to do this other than you

The sad truth is, none of us cares for your children as such (other than God). The world is becoming busier and more than ever every, individual is more concerned of their welfare. This is why I am insisting you create a proper plan to pray for your children. Only you is aware of their unique strengths, weaknesses and future goals. You are better placed to know what and when to pray for this or that; it’ll be unfair to think anybody should push these agendas for you. In any case, God entrusted these children into your hands.

As we were preparing for our wedding, I and my wife Beatty (my fiancée then) visited what we considered a mature couple. We spent the whole day with them and from all the discussions we had, I greatly admired one of their lifestyles: Praying for their children. In fact they said they daily mention them in prayer, some instances waking up as earlier as 3 am simply to pray for their children, sometimes alternating – one wake up today, the other tomorrow. They testified how God had provided for their upkeep and helped their children live morally upright.

My local church back, as we grew up in the village, had small envelopes for every member to give their tithes. I remember my mother having those envelopes for each of us, I and my two brothers. I wonder if mom knew tithe was to be paid by them earning, but anyway, I understand she was making a petition for us. We usually prayed before we retired to bed, and in each of these prayers, my parents never missed telling God something about us. I strongly believe those prayers and offerings are still doing something in our lives. 

I want to do the same for my children, and I want to do it better! My children must be radical than I! I am determined to see them lead the lives God destined for them. I know by fervent and constant prayer, God will help me lead them into their destinies. 

This is what I want for every one of us, and the earlier we start the better. Let’s join forces, let’s build great destinies, let’s help God rule on earth! 

Without Involving God, you’ll be running your race by your own strength

That can be hard, and not wise. 
You can provide everything for your children, they can seem happy and satisfied. But soon, they’ll be out of your house, they’ll start their own homes. In whose guidance and leadership will you have left them?

Woe unto them if all you gave them is an education and riches. In fact, some will start giving you headache as earlier as their teenage years.

Before they leave your roof, make sure they are under the leadership and control of the Holy Spirit. You have a chance to do that now.


A common saying goes: Children are gifts from God to us, what we make them is our gift to God.

It’s my sincere prayer that this generation will go back to what matters most. Let’s learn from Pastor Job’s mother. Let’s petition heaves for the guidance of our children. Let’s be serious and protect our children from the terror caused by devil. The earlier you start the better. If you have no kids yet and anticipate to have some, you’re better placed, start praying now! For those of us with children, no matter their age, pray for them. Pray, pray, pray, without ceasing!

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