3 Easy Keys To Uncovering Your Calling

Each one of us is here to cause a change, or at least impact a few lives. We somehow have something to offer the world.

The tussle for many individuals has been how to uncover exactly what they’re meant to be. I share here 3 keys that if blended well will help you do exactly that!


We all have unique ways of viewing the world. This makes us differ with others. This difference causes us to be troubled and agitated. Whatever takes you into such moods is an indication of what you’re made of. 

For instance, if you immensely get disturbed by violence against women, then probably you’re called to defend women. If you hate see people sinning, then you could make a great evangelist. If you feel bad seeing a donkey overloaded, then you may as well start fighting for animal rights!

So what do you think is worth addressing? What topic boils fury and annoyance in you? That’s it! Follow that link.

But even in this differing view, we find ourselves, automatically, as it were, having put into clusters. In other words, even if we differed with some opinions, we still have a people who share in our frustrations. Thus you have two audiences: First, those who are with you, then those who oppose you.

Optimism: You need to have a hope that if you stepped out to speak your minds, you shall cause a change. Surely you must expect your input to make an impact; if not so, why should you be bothered in the first place. Optimist, a belief in positive outcome, is essential in your journey to uncovering your true calling. 


What makes you cry? Aggravation makes you ready to fight while passion gives you the energy to go through the fight. Aggravation tells you what you’re ready to fight for, passion tells you what you’re ready to cry for. Going to our earlier examples, there are people who can cry by simply seeing a dog not well fed. Then they’ll pick a fight: Why are you owning a dog you can’t feed? Must you own it?

You need to be aware of such issues that bring tears to your eyes. It’s purely a non-issue to some of us, but it shakes your world. 

I know of some people who are hard to drop a tear. Even so, there are matters that bring you closer to tearing. Those are the things you need to watch as they indicate they are closer to your heart.

What happens if you decided to champion a cause with just two of the above ingredients? Like you realize you are mad at something and you are optimistic your fight will bring sanity, but you have no passion for it? Yes you’ll have some success, but won’t bring out who you truly are. Here is why.

Aggravation and Optimism

Here you have something bothering you and you are optimistic you were certainly born put them in order but you lack the passion to run the show. The obvious outcome is you’ll get bored sooner than later, bringing your fight into a halt. If a rape case makes your hair stand but doesn’t touch your soft spots to release tears, then you better not attempt to make yourself a woman rights representative; you’ll be frustrated soon. Why you don’t have enough energy to go through the fight.

Aggravation and Passion

Why on earth would anyone champion a coarse they don’t believe in? Who will buy their opinion? If mistreating donkeys irritates you and even makes you cry and you badly wish people should stop such madness, but somehow think no matter how hard you fought for donkeys people won’t change their actions, then you better not start fighting!

Without optimism, your fight will be just but a proverbial man who played a goat a guitar. Makes no sense. 

Believing that things will change, not only inspires others to join you, but also helps you push through when dark days knock at your door – those moments everything seems not to work and you almost wonder why you started the whole thing.

Passion and Optimism  

Making people change their view of life calls for a fight; it’s not for the faint hearted! Passion and optimism are the soft parts of a course. Aggravation is the punching part. Moving forward without some irritation – no, lots of irritation – will only make the journey boring. You must feel like fighting something! Fight ignorance, a disease, a behavior or view of life.

If you blend the 3 ingredients well, you’ll be on the right path to answering the big question: What on earth am I here for? It takes sitting down and keenly evaluating yourself to know your calling. 

What makes you agitated and feel like crying, and you want changed? Put your views in the comment box bellow. Also share this article to your friends, sharing is caring!

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