Sometimes I think it would be better to wake up one day and find myself a mature old person with a standing family. Stable financially.A wonderful partner. Great kids. Strong spiritually. All spheres of life running properly.

But that can only be real in dreams because all these aspects must be built. And they do come with a cost. And that’s where my concern is: How can we make this a reality?

Examine today’s youth life for example; Riots. Unemployment. Suicide. Gangs. Divorce. Immorality. HIV&AIDS. Street Life… the list is long. The youth are the victims.

Look at the agony of parents. They can’t control their children. They clearly can see something wrong, but they are torn between the children rights and the moral virtues.

With internet and exposure, drugs and crime, parents can only watch helplessly as their dear sons and daughters go down the drain. Governments and institutions are yet to find the solution. Simply stated, a young person’s life is under attack from all corners.

All these make my  brain go wild. Especially when I think of the eternal destiny of these precious souls. We therefore must find a solution NOW. It’s that argent!

That’s where I draw my passion, my inspiration! Each day I watch news, it bothers me watching a big number of young men and women dying in shootouts,involved in drugs,without a future!

In Matthew 19:36, after Jesus had done some ministry, He took a look at the crowd and He felt a great disappointment in His heart. The Bible records that He was moved with compassion for them, why? Because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd. In verse 37 this is what He says: The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few (NKJV).

I strongly believe, as young people, if we find our way to Jesus, then we can easily lead a successful life. That’s why I want to bank on Young Christians. If we all stand strong throughout the world, then we shall surely make a difference.

Let’s walk. Let’s do this.


  1. I'm in! lol
    Blessed post :)

    1. You're most welcome Summer, God truly bless you for willingly being dedicated to the Kingdom.