The Author

Hi, I'm Job Gichana, a young man so passionate in youth life.
I'm glad you've taken time to check me out.

I share in what the youth go through and what I write on this blog is basically the solution I've got or researched following the challenges I have personally faced or the fellow youth go through. As you may guess, I have no experience in bringing up kids, coz I don't have one for now, but I believe it's worthy knowing what it is like before we get there. What do you think?

I'm a professional videographer and editor. I Love photography, both as a hobby and profession. I've traveled to various parts of Kenya working and doing ministry with one wonderful evangelistic group called Partners In Christ (PIC). Above all, Jesus Christ is my personal savior.

Blogging is dear to me and such a convenient tool for me to share with my fellow youth. I too have a strong interest in Forex Trading.

Oops! Almost forgot something so true to the boy, I love singing...and cooking...hahah!

Join me, share your experience!

The Blog

The blog circles a Christian youth life. It endeavors to empower this delicate but important group in achieving its goals in life while serving God in advancing the gospel.

The blog intends to give a balance between young person's personal life and ministry for Jesus Christ. In here you will find solutions, hope, encouragement and real life changing information on marriage & relationships, ministry & spirituality and, money & career.

Thanks a lot for desiring to know what this blog is all about. You're welcome and may God bless you!!

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