Welcome to My Blog! Here is a brief introduction

Hi, I'm Job, a young man so passionate in youth life. I'm glad you've taken time to check me out.

Have you ever tried to search your name on Google?

I strongly believe every young person has an opportunity to accomplish their desired vision and experience their wildest dreams, earlier. And every young person has in him/her unique abilities, wrought by God, that can drive them to achieve that vision. We must tap into these talents and help produce solutions to the world.

That's why this blog exists.

If you have a passion to leave a mark in the world, then this is the ideal place to be.

I  share the solution to challenges baring the youth from attaining their vision. I share deep inspirations to push you through the life fogs. I bridge the gap between the youth and those who've gone ahead of us by searching and sharing their wisdom.

Google recognizes people who have left a mark on this world, otherwise, it'll only show your Facebook account. You don't belong there! Start developing your mark!

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